Who are the Two Crafty Gals?

The Two Crafty Gals are a mother and daughter duo with a passion for all things crafty! And of course, budget friendly DIY projects! Their passion comes from a lifetime of finding new and inventive ways to use old things around the house to make something brand new!


Meet the Two Crafty Gals!


two crafty galsHey! My name is Emily and I am the creator of the blog, Two Crafty Gals! I am an extremely passionate entrepreneur, writer and the sole owner of my own online business for new business owners, Emily Anne LLC!

I have always had a passion for making things and for most of my childhood you could find me drawing and scribbling in my room! Sometimes on the walls…sorry mom! This passion followed me into adulthood and when my fiance and I bought a new house, we knew we had to try and keep the costs low for our home decor. It was DIY to the rescue and a new passion for making “old things” look new again, ignited!



two crafty galsHello! I’m Emily’s mom, Cheryl, and I am the brains behind the operation! No, no just kidding! I am the organizer of the business and I also love being creative and don’t mind getting my hands…and pants a bit dirty! Creating things with my hands has always been a passion for me and I absolutely love sharing my knowledge with others!

I am so excited to be starting this new venture with my daughter and begin sharing it with other creative individualsĀ or those who want to learn how to make their own home decor!


What can you expect from our blog?

Hey, Emily here again! I just wanted to give a little run down of what you can expect from our blog because I get it, you’re busy and heck, so am I so let’s do this quickly! I will be posting once a week with a brand new budget-friendly DIY project, simple and quick vegan recipe or a life hack!

So, if you’re into saving time, saving money and having some fun reusing and repurposing items for decor in your home, stick around because we’ve got a lot of super fun posts coming at you!