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Why You Need A Word of the Year in 2020

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Have you chosen your word of the year yet?

If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that every year on January 1st people make these big declarations of what they want their new year to look like.

Maybe that’s travel more, eat less, exercise more, get married, make more money.

And on and on it goes.

But for most people, these New Year’s Resolutions go out the window by the middle of January. And if you’re lucky, not until February.

I am all for setting up your year for success and making it better than the year before but come on, the whole point of this is to actually do better. Not just say it then feel a mound of regret in your stomach on December 31st. Just to do it all over again.

And that’s where a word of the year comes in.

Choosing a word of the year sets you up for a much more successful year than simply creating a New Year’s Resolution.

A word of the year is essentially a theme that all of your habits, thoughts, and behaviors will fall into over the next year.

Think of it like writing a book.

You pick a theme of the book and fill the pages with everything that aligns with that theme.

Your life can be thought of in a similar way.

Cool cool. So why should you pick a word of the year and how do you choose just one?

Don’t worry, I got you.


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Benefits of Picking a Word of the Year


It gives you Flexibility 

Think about it.

Saying, “I’m going to workout x number of days in 2020…” is a very solid and noble goal.

It also doesn’t give you much leeway which means if you miss a few days or weeks due to unforeseen circumstances, you may feel as though you’ve screwed up your New Year’s Resolution and throw it to the wayside.

A word of the year, on the other hand, is simply an intention umbrella that will cover many different habits, thoughts, and behaviors throughout the year.

So if you fall out of alignment with this word you can much more easily come back into it.

It gives you a Starting Point

As I said, the word of the year is an intention and an intention is essentially an aim or a goal. A flexible goal.

As you go throughout your new year, you will always be able to go back to your word of the year and ask yourself, “Does this thought, behavior, habit, etc. algin with my word of the year?”

If not, choose something that does.

If it does, great, you’re on the right path and are in alignment!

Think of your word of the year like the yellow brick road leading you wherever you choose to go.

If you’re struggling to stick with the habits, thoughts, and behaviors that you know will help you reach the outcome you desire, this is something I work very closely with during my 1-on-1 sessions.


Your Word of the Year is Value-Based

Our values are what inform our thoughts, beliefs, and actions which all create the outcomes that we get out of life.

When you choose a word of the year, it is based on a certain value you have and would like to uphold in your life. Which frankly sounds much more intriguing than some thrown together goals that we never actually intend to follow through on.

Values are very important to us.

Some of them include respect, acceptance, love, commitment, the list goes on.

We value our values (pun intended) which means we are much more likely to stick to them. Once again, making the word of the year much easier to stick to than a New Year’s Resolution.


How to Pick a Word of the Year

Reflect on the Previous Year

As much as we would love to throw out the previous year with the trash, we can’t.

We need to complete the year by reflecting on it, taking the lessons that needed to be learned and moving on stronger than we were before.

Easier said than done but worth it.

Take a look at the theme that keeps popping up for you from the past year.

Maybe you didn’t do as much as you wanted to because of fear. Your new word for the year could be strength.

Maybe you said you were going to do things but didn’t follow through with those things. Even if they were just for yourself.

Try integrity on for size and see how it feels.


Get Clear on What you Want

This seems simple but you’d be surprised how many times you say, well I don’t want that, when someone asks you do what you want.

Focusing on what we don’t want is so engrained in us that we often don’t even realize we’re doing it.

And yes, knowing what you don’t want can be useful to figure out what you do want, but put a bigger and heavier emphasis on what it is you want in the new year.

What will make you happy?

What will bring you clarity?

You can read this post for even more questions that you should be asking in 2020.



Ask your Intuition


Your intuition is that gut feeling, that sense of yes, that feels right. Most of the time this feeling or even voice is buried by our ego but you can read more about there here.

Needless to say, your intuition is always right.


And chances are, you have a word on the tip of your tongue that you know would be perfect for the new year.

Don’t get so caught up in picking the right word and just allow it to come to you.

To get in tune with your intuition simply get quiet and ask yourself, what word will guide me to my best year yet? And trust that whatever word(s) come up is perfect for you.



When in doubt, write it out.

All of it.

Sometimes our brains are so filled to the brim it’s like trying to walk through a bog with heavy boots on. You’re not going anywhere fast and you’ve got to clear some of that out first.

Simply have a brainstorm of everything that comes to mind.

All the things that went right, all the things that went no so right, all the things you want to accomplish in the new year, all the things you didn’t accomplish in the past year.

And find a word that embodies all of it.

To get you started and on your way, here are over 100 questions you can ask yourself to get clear on what you want in 2020 as well as some other questions to help you get clarity.


Pick one and create Goals and Outcomes Around it

The point of the word of the year is to get you somewhere, to create something you’ve never had and to give you that year you’ve always wanted.

Don’t spend hours on this and just choose one.

Trust that it’s the right word for you then create goals, outcomes and an action plan that aligns you with that word.

Changing your life can be simple if you let it.

And if you want more help and clarity, join me on a complimentary discovery call to see if my 1-on-1 sessions are a good fit to get you started on the right foot in 2020.

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