65 Things to do when you are bored at Home

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck at home with nothing to do.

Your feet begin to twitch, your hands get sweaty, your heart begins to pound with anticipation and then maybe your mind wanders as the clock mocks you with every tick of its hands.

Whether you are reading this during the COVID-19 pandemic or you’re simply just bored at home right now, I’ve compiled a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored at home.

Trust me, this is going to be fun.


65 Things to do When You are Bored at Home

1. Have a movie night with family and/or friends – We’ve got a massive amount of technology at our fingertips right now. Get creative and use Zoom, Netflix Party for Chrome and even FaceTime to stay connected with your friends and family while connecting over your favorite movies.

2. Have a photoshoot – Whether you need content for social media for your blog or business or you just want some cute photos to show off on your Facebook page, all you need is a phone with a camera and a tripod (this one is my favorite) and boom, you’ve got photos for days.

3. Read a book – You know those books in the corner collecting dust? Yeah, go read them! And if you’re looking for some of the best fiction books to read check out this list.

4. Binge-Watch NetflixTiger King anyone?

5. Make Tik Tok Videos – If you’re bored in the house, in the house bored, there’s nothing better than making your self laugh with some Tik Tok videos but take it one step further and start creating your own. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can build an audience!

6. Pick up a new hobby – Knitting, crocheting, cursive lettering, the list is endless. Try out everything and see what sticks.

7. Learn something new – Whether that’s a language, how to paint, draw, clip your dog’s toenails, whatever. There are thousands of online learning tools, free and paid. Pick one and get your learnin’ on.

8. Do one thing you’ve been putting off – It might not be the most fun and exciting thing to do but you’ll feel better once it’s done.

9. Exercise – Again, maybe not the most fun thing to do but why not. Looking for at-home workouts to do? Check these out.

10. Make up a new game – Remember as a kid how easy it was to make a new game on a whim? Embrace your inner child and makeup something new!

11. Write a book – If you’ve always wanted to be a published author, now is the time. Go do it!

12. Reach out to old friends – This does not mean text your ex. Just don’t. But if you’ve had a few friends you’ve been meaning to reach out to, do it.

13. Give your home a fresh coat of paint – Spruce up a room with a new fancy design or paint your bedroom neon pink. The possibilities are endless.

14. Buy a mystery box from eBay – It’s like Christmas or a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

15. Journal – What do you want out of life? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Are you happy? All valid questions. Grab 300 journal prompts to get you started here.

16. Have a dance party – “Alexa, turn it up to 11!”

17. Give yourself a new hairstyle – Whether you want to turn yourself into Cindy Lou Who or just want some tight curls, try out something new.

18. Meditate – Great the mind and body. Just breathe even for 5 minutes.

19. Test out a new recipe – Not a great baker? Great. Me either. Practice, test, have fun in the kitchen.

20. Watch old family movies or look through old photos – If you really want to amp up the nostalgia, play some oldies on the radio while doing this.

21. Watch the clouds roll by – When was the last time you just looked up at the sky for no reason?

22. Start a blog – Blogging is a really fun way to be creative and make some money on the side. Here’s a free blogging guide.

23. Make a vision board – This is a fun way to get creative and manifest what you want out of life. Learn how to make your own vision board here.

24. Write an eBook – Know something about something? Write a book about it. Oh yeah, and you can make money doing this too.

25. Do a closet clean-out – Marie Kondo your life. Or your closet at least.

26. Start a garden – This can be fun…sometimes.

27. Write love notes to yourself – Want a boost in confidence? Write affirmations on stick notes and place them all over your house.

28. Start a social media page for your pet – You know your camera roll is filled to the brim with adorable pictures anyway.

29. Tye-dye your clothes – Bleaching sweatshirts and sweatpants seems to be the new cool thing to do too. Please be safe while doing this.

30. Make a bucket list – Or do Steve Harveys 300 things list. I got to 75 then ran out of ideas.

31. Write a song – You don’t have to sing it but it could be fun to write one anyway.

32. Make up a new dance – Pick your favorite song and get to it.

33. Learn how to dance – Don’t know how to dance? Break it down and learn how to.

34. Put on a facemask – This one is my FAVORITE. I’m even wearing it right now.

35. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure – Spoil yourself a little with some new nails!

36. Catch up on your favorite podcasts – You’ve got all the time in the world so why not make the most of it.

37. Build a blanket fort – Take yourself on a date in your blanket fort and watch movies all night. Or day.

38. Create a painting challenge – Do this with yourself or whoever you’re stuck in the house with. Pick three colors you can paint with and only one brush and see what you come up with.

39. Watch Theme park POVs – If you haven’t seen the video of the little girl “riding” a ride at Disney World, go watch it! Then create your own theme park experience in your living room.

40. Play twister – Or strip twister, whatever floats your boat.

41. Give yourself a spa day – You deserve it. Treat yourself.

42. Create a new drink – Quarantini anyone?

43. Color – And I do mean actually coloring. Grab yourself an adult coloring book, some colored pencils and get creative!

44. Take a virtual museum tour – Yeah you can do that! Visit museums from around the world here.

45. Play games on your phone – I mean does anyone play Candy Crush or Angry Birds anymore?

46. Workout with Chris Hemsworth for free – That’s right, Christ Hemsworth is giving free access to his health and fitness program for 6-weeks. Go to to sign up.

47. Clean your junk drawer or room – We all have them. Why not clean them up. Just a little bit.

48. Put together a charcuterie board – Twist, you can only use what you have in your fridge right now.

49. Blow up an air mattress and watch the stars – Look for the big dipper or even a shooting star!

50. Watch Tangled – Rapunzel was “quarantined” in a castle in a village called Corna after all.

51. Make something you found on Pinterest – Then create a “Pinterest fail” piece of content. Unless it works out of course.

52. Build a tree fort – This may take a bit more “handy skill” and power tools but hey it’s something to do. NO BOYS ALLOWED.

53. Play MASH – If you know, you know.

54. Clean up your phone – Delete old pictures of your ex, remove contacts you don’t need anymore, delete apps taking up space, etc.

55. Dye your hair – If you’re stuck at home no one will see it anyway.

56. Have a themed dinner – If you’re stuck at home with your family or need to use Zoom or FaceTime, pick out your favorite TV characters and dress up as them for a fun evening.

57. Write an alternate ending to your favorite book – I made myself the love interest in the Harry Potter series and no I’m not ashamed about it.

58. Make a movie – Pick out characters, create a plot, film, and edit!

59. Teach your dog (or pets) a new trick – Sit, stay, roll over, jump through a hoop, whatever. It’s fun!

60. Dust off those toys from your childhood and have a play date – We’ve all got G.J Joe’s and Barbies laying around somewhere. Tinker toys? Tamagotchi? Furby? Bop it?

61. Check-in on people you don’t need often – Call grandparents and loved ones you don’t get to see as much. I promise it will make their day just to hear your voice.

62. Make a donation to those in need – It feels good to do good.

63. Watch all the Star Wars movies in order – All. Of. Them. Brave you are.

64. Play a card game – Cards Against Humanity, For the Girls, New Phone Who Dis, and Never Have I Ever are just a few to give you some big laughs.

65. Make a paper fortune teller – Again, if you know, you know.


Let Your Imagination Take Over

Whether you’re stuck at home because of quarantine or you just have nothing else to do, get creative, be a kid again and let yourself see life in a new and different way.

The list of things to do when you’re bored at home is literally endless.

Pick something, do it, then do something else and when in doubt, stick some glow in the dark stars on your ceiling, play some night time music and let your imagination do the rest.


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