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5 Proven & Powerful Manifestation Games to Attract all your Desires

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Remember as a kid staring starry-eyed out the window daydreaming about what life will be like?

Or taking a romp around the playground while swinging from monkey bar to monkey bar like Spiderman trying not to touch the ground because it was “hot lava”?

Or even sitting in our window seats and writing stories of what we wished would happen in real life?

As adults, we stop daydreaming, we stop playing and we are told to “grow up”.

But what if I told you that playing games was one of the best and easiest ways to manifest all of our desires into our lives with the Law of Attraction?

As human beings, we like to attach and overcomplicate every single little thing.

Making manifesting our desires that much more difficult.

But there’s an easier way, a way that’s more fun, that allows us to easily detach from the outcome and attract things into our lives we never even thought were possible.

And that is by playing games again.


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Why These Manifestation Games Work

Manifestation is the process in which something that was previously a thought is brought into physical reality.

Which is a just a fancy way of saying everything we think about on a consistent enough basis eventually manifests itself into our lives in some way shape or form.

It’s kinda like when you’re thinking about an old friend and then five minutes later they call you.

Whether we believe in the Law of Attraction or not, it’s always working and we are always manifesting, which is great, but when we start to manifest intentionally or try to manifest what we want, we can become attached to it.

It’s the attachment to the outcome, the wanting it and not having it, that makes manifestation difficult and frustrating.

And that’s why games work so well.

Because we are just playing a simple game and seeing what happens.

Think about it, when we play games as kids the enjoyment comes from not knowing what will happen.

If we knew who would win or what the outcome would be it wouldn’t be fun to play anymore, which is why when you play these powerful manifestation games things happen so much more quickly.

We’re simply not attached to the outcome but are just enjoying playing the game.


5 Proven & Powerful Manifestation Games to Attract all of Your Desires


1. Scripting

Scripting is when you write a story of what you want to manifest into your life, but you write it in the first person as if it’s already happened, like you would if it were a diary or journal.

As an example, if you wanted to manifest a new car, you would begin your script with, “I am so happy and grateful that today I picked up the keys for my brand new car…”.

And then you’d write about what you did with the car as if it had just happened that day.

The biggest key with scripting is to make sure you write as much detail as possible about what you felt when you manifested your desire.

Also, talk about the people you were with and how they felt and reacted.

Our minds react to emotions and specificity.

Be as specific as possible, and really paint yourself a word picture.

Tips on Writing your Script:

1. Be specific on what you want: Today I went to pick up my new Golden Retriever puppy named Max.

2. Be clear on Why you want it: Having my new puppy Max around will help make me feel more comfortable when I’m home alone or in crowds of noisy people.

3. Express Gratitude: I am so happy and grateful that I got to go pick up my new puppy Max today. Gratitude and love are very high vibe emotions that make you feel pretty dang good.

4. Make it Believable: You have to actually believe it’s possible for you to receive what you want. If you want a million dollars in one week but believe it’s only possible for you to have $1,000 or that people with a million dollars are greedy then you’re not going to manifest it.

You can read more about how to change your limiting beliefs here.

Scripting is one of my favorite games to play because well, I love to write. #thankyoucaptainobvious

As far as how often you should read your script, it’s up to you. I personally found I became too attached to the outcome and how it was going to happen when I read my scripts daily and choose to only read them once.

2. Manifest Something “Small”

The universe doesn’t see a blade of grass or a cup of coffee anymore difficult to bring into your life than a brand new Tesla.

It’s our conditioning, ego and limiting beliefs that do.

We also have a much more difficult time manifesting something that we’re attached to but it’s tough for us to believe in the Law of Attraction before we actually see any manifestations.

The first time you manifest something, it literally feels like magic.

One of the easiest things to manifest is a free cup of coffee. 

We’re not attached to it, we don’t “need” it, it’s “small” and it can come to us in a million and one different ways.

All you have to do to manifest a free cup of coffee is simply set the intention to manifest it, thank the universe for it, believe it’s possible and then go on your merry way.

The free cup of coffee can come to you by you finding five bucks on the street, a stranger paying it forward, a coupon magically appearing in your old coat pocket, etc.

Be open to all possibilities and watch what happens.

And the more “small” things you manifest, the stronger your belief in your ability to manifest will grow.

3. Create a Vision Board

Our brains love pictures and images, which is why visualization can be so powerful.

But not everyone can visualize which is where a physical representation of our goals and desires comes in.

Vision boards are simply that, a visual or physical representation of our goals and desires that we want to manifest into our lives.

The idea with vision boards is to use pictures to help you see your goals more clearly.

Looking at your vision board on a daily basis is a great way to get you excited about manifesting your desires and can remind you of your why behind your actions.

Like everything else, vision boards only work if you believe your goals are possible.

My little hack for this is to actually add one or two images of things I’ve already manifested onto my vision board.

This way my brain begins to associate things I already have with things I don’t yet have.

Making it much easier for my subconscious and conscious mind to believe I can manifest all of my desires.

My favorite places to put my vision boards so I see them every single day are on my iPhone background and my laptop background.

Instant Download – Digital Vision Board Template

If you want to take a more traditional route, grab yourself some old magazines, a corkboard, and some thumbtacks!

Display your vision board somewhere you will see it every day and associate positive feelings to what it is you want to manifest and call into your life.

4. 55×5

The 55×5 manifestation method is simply that, you chose an affirmation of what you want to manifest and write it out 55x for 5 days.

The idea is to associate your desires with a high vibrational feeling.

When you write out your affirmation each and every day, you begin to get excited about it manifesting, you begin to believe it’s coming and you get into the frequency of allowing it to come to you.

The key is in the affirmation you chose to write.

Of course, you don’t want a super long affirmation or your hands will cramp. (or so I’ve heard…)

  • Be specific about what you want
  • Write in the present moment
  • Be grateful
  • Chose something that you’re not super attached to but makes you excited

I am so grateful to be on vacation in Hawaii.

I am grateful I attracted a date with my soul mate.

I am so thankful I picked up my new Golden Retriever puppy. (puppy fever perhaps?) 

The point here is to pick something that’s easy to write 55x for 5 days. makes you excited, is believable for you and then detach from the outcome.

5. Visualization Before Bed

Our subconscious mind controls 95% of our thoughts, feelings, and actions and the kicker is, we’re not even aware of it.

Right before we fall asleep is when our subconscious minds are the most open to suggestions.

We can choose to use this to our advantage or disadvantage.

Whatever we think about, visualize and feel right before falling asleep will be played on repeat throughout the night via our subconscious.

All you have to do is visualize your desires and the feelings of having that desire.

Focus on your desires and feelings of already having them over and over in your mind until you fall asleep and your subconscious will do the rest.

I learned this hack/manifestation game from Kathrin Zenkina and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Your subconscious mind will do whatever it needs to do to give you evidence of what you focus on the most, focus on your desires and you will get physical evidence of them, focus on worry, fear, anger, you’ll get more evidence of that.

This is one of the easiest games to play, so just try it out and see what happens.

Bonus – Magic Check

If you’ve ever watched The Secret or listened to Jim Carry, then you’ve probably already heard about the “magic check”.

Similar to the other games on this list, it’s simply that.

A game to play. One that gets your imagination involved and creates a physical representation of the money you are aligning with.

Magic checks are “checks” from the Universe, and since the Universe has unlimited abundance, you get to ask for as much or as little as you want. It’s all up to you.

You can use a real physical check or grab a template here.

The way it works is by writing out how much money you are aligning with. Put in your name and the date. Then release the how, and any doubts or fears coming up about the money coming in.

The date is the only part that can get tricky for some.

If you find you get really attached to the outcome, the when, the how then I would recommend filling in the date with the date you filled out the check. If not, then put in the date you would like to receive the money.

Always remember that the Universe works in divine timing and sometimes things will manifest in a different time frame than we would like. Just keep trusting and believing.

Money Manifestation Check Template

Games Make Life More Fun 

When you treat life as a game, you have more fun, you enjoy your life more, you laugh more, you play more and everything seems to fall into place so much easier.

The key to intentional manifestation is to chose what you want, intent for it to come by asking for it, believe it’s already yours and that you can have it and then let life get in the way.

As with all the games, remember to take intuitive action as it comes to you. Maybe that’s calling up that relative you haven’t heard from in a while, checking an old coach pocket, or buying a lottery ticket. Trust what comes up and take that action. Because it is the action that will move the manifestations to you.

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