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Positive Affirmations

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Positive affirmations are phrases or statements said internally or externally about yourself and the world around you.

When was the last time you said something nice to/about yourself?

I mean actually nice.

Not a nice comment with a big but or because after it.

I’m talking about positive affirmations.

And not the kind you have to stand in front a mirror naked for.

Your words and internal thoughts have the ability to make or break your day.

They can make you feel empowered, strong, confident, happy, or like a giant pile of trash carelessly thrown out in the street.

You can even use affirmations to manifest anything you want into your life.

These positive affirmations have the power to rewire your thoughts from negative and positive which can drastically affect your physical reality.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s all I ask…

For 24 hours, become aware of anytime you think a negative thought, or say something negative out loud.

Then switch it to a positive thought instead.

Watch what happens.


120 Positive Affirmations 

1. I have the power to have a great day today.

2. My skin is glowing and radiant.

3. I am loved and accepted for exactly who I am.

4. I am strong, independent, and loyal.

5. I am a powerful manifestor.

6. I am a magnet to money.

7. I am worthy of all the love and acceptance I desire.

8. I have the power to choose my own happiness.

9. People love to pay me.

10. My confidence grows every single day.

11. I am beautiful.

12. I am joyful.

13. I choose to see the good in my life.

14. I choose to focus on what I can change.

15. I am healthy.

16. My immune system flourishes.

17. I have the power to manifest the money I desire.

18. I am worthy of all the money I desire.

19. I feel confident now.

20. I can choose excitement over nervousness.

21. I believe I am now becoming someone I love and accept.

22. I am grateful for all I have now.

23. I am doing the best I can now.

24. I have everything I need to have everything I want.

25. I have all the internal resources I need now.

26. I am enough just as I am now.

27. All of my problems have solutions and they come to me easily and quickly.

28. What can I learn from this?

29. I am filled with love and acceptance for myself and others.

30. I choose to find the joy in my life.

31. I am focused.

32. I am committed.

33. I am determined.

34. I forgive myself and others for past mistakes.

35. I move forward with an open mind and heart.

36. I release the past now.

37. I choose to find the lesson in every situation.

38. I am positively growing every single day.

39. I am brave enough to try.

40. I try new things.

41. I love learning and growing.

42. I am focused on my own results.

43. I believe I am an incredible person. Inside and out.

44. It is safe for me to my most authentic self.

45. I choose to throw love at every situation.

46. I am abundant.

47. My bank account overflows with money now.

48. I am always manifesting more and more abundance into my life.

49. I am always manifesting more and more miracles into my life with ease.

50. I am filled with gratitude for everything today brings.

51. I am now choosing empowering thoughts.

52. I am now becoming someone who loves, accepts, and respects their body.

53. I am allowed to straighten my own crown while helping straighten others’ crowns.

54. I am allowed to be a work in progress.

55. Blessings come to me on a continuous basis.

56. My energy radiates positivity.

57. I am attracting my best life now.

58. Good things happen to me all the time.

59. More opportunities come my way than I know what to do with.

60. I am capable of achieving my biggest dreams.

61. My dreams are valid.

62. I can choose to feel differently at any given moment.

63. I love investing in myself.

64. I deserve to invest in myself.

65. My thoughts and feelings are valid.

66. I am responsible for how I choose to react in every situation.

67. My energy flourishes and radiates from me.

68. I manifest money with ease on a daily basis.

69. I am worthy of my soul mate.

70. I attract loving, compassionate, understanding, and accepting people into my life.

71. I am worthy of loving friendships.

72. I am worthy of loving relationships.

73. I have the ability to attract anything and everything I want into my life with ease.

74. I am allowed to have a different opinion.

75. I am capable of amazing things.

76. My mental and physical health are a priority to me.

77. I celebrate all of my wins.

78. I accept my losses and choose to learn from them.

79. I am safe.

80. I am patient with myself and others.

81. I choose to create my own happiness.

82. If it’s possible for someone else, it’s possible for me too.

83. I have the power to create my own reality.

84. I am so much more than my physical body.

85. I am successful in this moment.

86. I choose to find the good in the chaos.

87. I choose to release thoughts that hurt me.

88. I value myself just as I am.

89. I value my life.

90. My mind is clear and calm.

91. I feel more relaxed with every breath I take.

92. I attract positivity into my life.

93. I am committed to my values.

94. The words I say and thoughts I think lift me up.

95. I am a powerful creator of my life.

96. I am whole just as I am.

97. I am aligned with the physical desires I am attracting into my life.

98. I am proud of myself.

99. I deserve to rest.

100. I am worthy of pampering myself.

101. I am allowed to feel good about myself.

102. I choose to love my body in all forms and all stages.

103. I choose to honor my feelings and the feelings of others.

104. I am now achieving my goals and am excited and grateful for the journey.

105. I enjoy building myself and others up.

106. I am a kind, compassionate, loving person.

107. I trust myself to make the best decision.

108. I believe in myself.

109. I forgive myself for the past.

110. I choose to empower myself with my thoughts and my words on a daily basis.

111. I have the power to rewrite any story I want to.

112. It is safe for me to make more money.

113. I love making myself happy.

114. Amazing opportunities flow to me with ease.

115. I am attracting my dream life.

116. The more money I make, the more good I can do in the world.

117. I am grateful for this moment.

118. Everything that belongs to me, finds me with ease.

119. I love, honor, and respect my energy and give it to the people, places, and things that value me.

120. I trust and believe I am always on the right path.


Creating your Own Powerful Positive Affirmations

The most powerful affirmations you can say to yourself and those that start with “I am”.

“I am” statements are powerful because they are taken in at an identity level.

And once you identify as something; committed, strong, worthy, smart, healthy; you begin to show up that way and create an inner and external dialog that matches.

You can create an affirmation for anything in your life.

And I highly recommend using “I am” statements to pack an even bigger punch.

One BIG tip.

Make sure to avoid using negative words in your affirmations.

Such as can’t, don’t, cannot, no, etc.

Your subconscious mind does not process those words and will literally filter them out.

So instead of hearing, I don’t want to attract men that cheat on me, your subconscious hears, I want to attract men that cheat on me.

Positive affirmations are just one way to begin to rewire your mind for success, abundance, happiness, and the life you want.

If you want to release those old stuck emotions and stories from your past quickly, you can learn more here.




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