Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I get better results in my life?”

“How can I be more successful in less time?

“How can I improve my life in all areas without it taking forever?”

I can help.


For Just a Moment, Picture This…


  • You’re successful in accomplishing any goal you’ve ever wanted to

  • Every single goal you’ve wanted to accomplish you’ve crossed off your list in record time

  • You have immense clarity on where you are going and know exactly how to get there

  • Your mind feels clear and you feel calm and at ease.

  • You feel confident and in charge.

  • You’re happier, more joyful and feel like you’ve got your life back.

  • And you did it in less time, with less stress and with a lot less frustration.

How Does That Feel to You?




“Emily has done a fantastic job at creating this wonderful Personal Development Blueprint Course. I loved working through the digital e-book, which came with a clear, user-friendly workbook that can be used in conjunction.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful course. What I love so much is how it helps you step back and really look at all aspects of your life. It enables you to focus on areas that you feel need improving, to get clear on the things that may be holding you back and then gives you the tools to move forward with those goals.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, included within the course is 111 daily journal prompts. This I found fabulous, as it gives you plenty of exploratory questions to use so you can check in daily with yourself, see how you are feeling and where you are.

I would highly recommend anyone that is feeling a little stuck, lost or a bit overwhelmed with their goals in life to use this course. It really has helped me so much and I am super excited to see where life takes me next! Thank you so much Emily!!! 🙂 ”

– Kelly M.


You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and you know you want to change something but you’re overwhelmed by where to go, what to do and how to start.

You buy goal-setting notebooks with cute sayings on them, purchase all the courses and do all the things people tell you to do to reach your goals and change your life but none of it works.

You know you want to be living this wildly amazing life but you feel stuck, confused and frustrated.


This is usually how goal setting goes…

You decide you want to change something, so you go and do all the things “they” tell you to do…


Eat Healthy…

Make S.M.A.R.T Goals…

Read all the books…

Take all the courses…

And it’s exciting at first, for a few weeks or even months.

But then motivation goes out the window, life gets in the way and then…now what?

The cycle starts all over again?

And again…and again…and again…

It’s heartbreaking. You feel defeated. Confused and lost.


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But what if I told you there was an easier way?

Like a cheat to mastering not only your goals but your life?

And it only requires 4 steps.


I created a blueprint to help you achieve your goals and improve your life in just 4 simple steps.

But I believe in doing something different.

No S.M.A.R.T Goals System.

No BS.

No quick fixes.

No rah rah notebooks.

And no one size fits all, vanilla, cookie-cutter strategy.

This blueprint puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life and gives teaches you how to make goal-setting sustainable, effective and really, really, easy.

If you don’t want to be stuck in the same place year after year, after year, and you want to learn how to be miles ahead in less time, this blueprint is for you.


What you Receive When You Invest Today:

(Digital download) Personal Development Goal Setting Blueprint in eBook format that includes my 4-step road map process to quickly change any aspect of your life & reach any and every goal you set your mind to in less time

– How to change any area of your life with 1 simple method
– How to easily adapt a success & growth mindset
– How to create powerful habits that stick
– How to create new empowering beliefs that change your life

100+ Journal Prompts

Printable Workbook

Lifetime access (including any and all updates)


Click here to download your Blueprint Instantly! $33

???Frequently Asked Questions???


I’m not sure if this eBook is the right fit for me/I have more questions

No problem! If you’re unsure of anything and/or curious to hear more, please don’t hesitate to email me at emily@emilyannellc.com and we’ll see if this is the right investment for you.

How long do I have access to the eBook?

How does lifetime access sound? After purchase, you have unlimited access to this eBook for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. You will also receive any and all updates made to this eBook for free for life!

What if I am unhappy with the eBook?

I never want anyone to be unhappy with their purchase and because I believe in my product and I want you to be able to try it risk-free, I’m giving you 15 days to ask for a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. Please also note, once purchased, this eBook along with any and all upgrades are yours for free forever (cue Smalls from the Sandlot..) but if you do get a refund, you will not have access to those updates.

When will I receive my Personal Development Blueprint eBook?

This eBook is a digital download, which means you will have immediate access to it as soon as you purchase!