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One Simple Way to Achieve your New Year Goals

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It’s that time of year again when the motivation is high, sugar is running through your veins and you’re ready to rock the heck out of the new year.

Then the second week rolls around and you now have green juice running through your veins, the kids are back in school and all the people at the gym are annoyingly sweating all over the treadmills.

So your motivation begins to falter.

Does this sound like you year after year?

And every year you hope to do better.

I’m coming at you with a seriously proven plan that will actually help you achieve your new year goals.

Don’t worry it’s easy and painless.

disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which means as an Amazon Associate I make a small commission if you chose to purchase using my links at no cost to you. and if you do, I appreciate you!

One Simple Way to Achieve your New Year Goals

Set Goals for 90 Days

If you don’t read anything else in this post, I at least want to give you this information right here.

Pick a big goal and set it for 90-day increments.


Because thinking about achieving a big goal in 90 days is much easier to chew than thinking of accomplishing all of your goals throughout the year.

You will also get a little excitement boost when you do accomplish your goal in 90 days which will push you to continue setting new goals consistently through out the year.

Not only that, who knows where you’ll be, what you’ll be doing and what you’ll be interested in just 90 days into the new year.

You may think you want to lose 30 pounds but then realize your job isn’t satisfying you so your new goal will be to find a new job.

The idea here is to make your goals easy to digest, easy to accomplish but make a huge difference in the long run.

The easiest way to stick to a goal is to have a plan.

The method I recommend is using a daily planner, but I’ve got to be honest, I hate schedules and I really hate yearly planners.

When I miss a day it demotivates me to see it empty and then I wasted a page which is annoying.

This is where the Push Journals come in.

Push Journals were created by Chalene Johnson and her methods are seriously powerful.

They’re set up specifically for achieving your goals in 90 days which is why I like them and I like to get them on Amazon because I’m a sucker for 2-day shipping.

But I really want to get into more of the method and actionable steps so if you’d like to check out Push Journals for yourself you can do so here.

Write Out What You Want to Improve

First, we need to take a look at the last year and really understand the areas of our lives we want to improve.

This is not a drill people, we’re going old school.

Grab your pencils and paper and really dig into your life over the past year.

What are the main areas of your life that you want to improve upon?

And be honest with yourself.

This is a technique I learned from Chalene Johnson so you know it’s gonna be good. But of course, I put my own lil’ spin on it.

Take a look at the seven biggest areas in your life which include, physical health, emotional/mental health, spirituality, love/relationships, finance, career, and environment and rate them on a scale of 1-10.

10 being amazing and wouldn’t change a thing and 1 being downright awful.

Let’s break down these categories just really quickly.

Physical health: Your body. How does it feel? Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning because your stiff or sore? Do you struggle walking up the stairs? Are you out of breath a lot? Do you feel healthy most of the time?

This is more about how you feel than how you look so dig into that.

Emotional/Mental Health: How does your mind feel? Is it always racing making it hard to sleep at night? Do you worry often? Do you feel stuck in your own head? Do you wish you would meditate more? Do you want to learn more?

Spirituality: This category will mean something different to everyone so if you’re happy with your spirituality such as religious, not religious, your beliefs, then rate it higher.

If you’re not happy and would like to be more spiritual or would like to improve this category, rate it lower.

Love/Relationships: For this, it’s love in your life in general whether this means a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend or friends and family. Look at the support systems in your life and the love you surround yourself with. Do you have enough people loving you and supporting you? If you’d like more, rate it accordingly.

Finance: Do you feel secure with how much money you make? If something happened and you needed to spend extra money would that be okay? Be really honest here this can be a tough category to rate.

Career/Purpose: Are you happy with where you are at? Do you feel you are giving the most you can? Do you jump out of bed in the morning excited? Do you fall asleep knowing you’re doing something that makes you feel good?

Environment: The way I look at environment is where you physically live as well as who you surround yourself with. If you’re happy with where you live, you feel safe, you have all your needs met and you have positive and fun people to hang out with, rate it higher, if not, rate it lower.

Pick out the Three Lowest Scores from your List

If you do have any “1’s” I’d put a large focus on those because that means those areas are ones that need drastic improvement.

If you don’t’ have any “1’s”, pick out the three lowest scores you do have from your list.

Next, brainstorm a giant list as to why you think those areas of your life scored lower in your life.

Maybe for physical health, you scored a “3” for yourself and that’s because you didn’t go to the gym or you ate out a lot at fast food restaurants.

I also want you to understand why that scored lower to help you to find a solution.

Once you have a brainstorm of why you think you scored low on those areas, next brainstorm ideas of how to improve those areas.

Using the example from above of not going to the gym, maybe your reason for not going was time.

Take a look at an area in your life you can pull some time from.

If you can only get in a 15-minute workout, then do a HIIT session three times a week.

The goal is to really be honest and look at how to improve upon those areas of your life that you would like to score higher.

Pick One Goal to Focus On 

Now that you have a brainstormed list of the problem, ie. not enough time, not enough money, whatever the case may be, and you have a list of solutions it’s time to pick one goal as your focus.

I know we chose three areas of your life you’d like to improve but all of these things intertwine, so when you improve one area, the other areas improve as well.

Choose one goal that you think would have a large impact on all the other goals.

Maybe that’s losing weight, which will make you feel more confident, which will boost your self-love which will bring more love into your life or maybe give you the confidence to find a new job or ask for a raise.

You get it. They’re all intertwined.

So, choose a goal that’s big, kinda scary but one that you could accomplish in 90 days.

Like I said above, all of your goals will be accomplished in 90-day increments because they’re easier to digest, it gives you a timeline, and who knows where you’ll be in 90 days.

Pick Three Daily Tasks

Every day, pick three tasks that will help you get closer to that big goal you wrote down.

I like these tasks to take me no more than 30 minutes otherwise they’re too big, overwhelming and I get too distracted.

That’s 90 minutes or less a day you will focus on getting closing to your goal.

The rest of the day is spent focusing on everything else.

I also recommend setting a timer for your tasks and putting your phone away or on airplane mode so you can put all your focus on those tasks.

If you have less time to focus on your three tasks, pick three tasks that will only take you 10-15 minutes instead.

Reevaluate every 90 Days

Rinse and repeat every 90 days until the end of the year and you won’t believe what you can achieve in the new year.

Trust me, this works.

I use this method every year and love it!

To really help you stay on track and focused I highly recommend Chalene Johnson’s Push Journals.

They lay this all out for you and give you the exact spots you need to write out your weekly tasks and goals.

If you want even more tools to really ramp up the new year, I highly recommend reading this post with 10 of the best personal development books that will seriously change your life.

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