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5 Minute Manifestation Technique to Manifest in your Sleep

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Do you want to manifest while you sleep?

More money perhaps?

Or maybe that special someone?

Maybe even that home of your dreams?

Or in my case, the dream (pun intended) of a lifetime, a book deal.

All you need is 5 minutes, some solid visualization skills (I will show you exactly how to do this) and well, some good sleep.

This might all be sounding too good to be true so let’s break down this technique just a bit to really understand why it works.

Your subconscious mind is what creates your physical reality. It uses pictures and feelings based on your beliefs about life to create what you see.

95% of your life is controlled by your subconscious mind.

Yes, this means that your decisions, actions, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, that run through your mind on any given day are almost all subconscious.

This does also include things like breathing, digesting, swallowing…you get it.

But what you really care about at least for the sake of this article is intentional manifesting.

Manifestation simply means taking a thought from the mind and turning into a physical thing or event in your life.

Intentional manifesting is manifesting more of what you want (a house, car, book deal, new puppy, more money, etc.) and putting a heavy focus on your desires rather than what you don’t want.

If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest with it, read that article here.

But as you may already know, your mind is filled to the brim with just about anything and everything you can think of throughout the day which can make manifesting what you want that much more challenging.

Luckily when you sleep, your conscious mind is shut off which allows your subconscious mind to fully open and began manifesting your thoughts into your reality.

This means, whatever we think about, visualize and feel right before falling asleep will be played on repeat throughout the night via our subconscious mind.

And that is where intentional manifesting comes in.


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How to Manifest your Desires while you Sleep Technique 

This technique was first introduced by Dr. Wayne Dyer who has a plethora of books on Amazon to check out including, The Power of Intention, Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, I Can See Clearly Now and many more.

The technique goes like this: 5 minutes before you fall asleep, visualize your desires, feel the feelings of what it would feel like to have those desires.

Visualize what you would do, who you would tell, how you would act.

Keep these images in your mind until you fall asleep and your subconscious mind will do the rest.

Seriously, that’s it. 

You may be thinking, yeah right. That won’t really work.

But it worked for me.

How I Manifested a Book Deal in my Sleep

Writing a book has been something that I dreamed about since I was a little girl. I would write fantasy, Sci-fy, fiction, non-fiction, anything my little brain could think of for as long as I can remember.

Don’t worry I won’t bore you with my whole life story.

So it wasn’t a surprise when 5 months ago I decided to begin writing a book.

I got the idea rather quickly, I had the title all picked out and I was ready to begin writing it all on my own, but to be honest I really didn’t know how to begin or where to start.

I set the intention to figure that part out and then forgot about it.

Not even two weeks later a youtube video popped up on my feed about someone I had looked up to for over year talking about a book mentorship program she was starting. (you may know her, it was Emma Mumford)

At that time I didn’t even have a book proposal, just an idea, and a dream. I also knew the spots were very limited, but I sent off what I had anyway.

Emma emailed me a few days later to set up a call and this is where the magic really happened. 

The night before my interview with Emma, 5 minutes before I fell asleep, I visualized our call together.

I thought about what she would say, how it would feel, who I would call as soon as my book was picked, what I would do and then I fell asleep.

Needless to say, I was accepted into the membership, my book deal was finalized and my entire vision played out just as I had pictured it the night before.

My book is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

I have used this technique on many other occasions and it works every single time.



Tips & Techniques to Make this Even Easier & More Effective

So now that you know yes, this technique really does work there are a few ways to really ramp this up and make it even more effective and effortless.

1. Choose a desire to manifest that really gets you excited and be as specific as you can be.

Your desire can literally be absolutely anything you want but try to avoid generic statements such as “more money”, “to lose weight”, “a house”.

You really want to be able to picture this desire in your mind so get specific if you can.

This step is extremely important to your overall manifestation success and I can help. I offer 1-on-1 clarity sessions that help you dive deep and identify exactly what you want so that the Universe and your subconscious mind can work together to bring it into your physical reality. Learn how my services can help you here. 


2. Feelings are what makes this Magic

While visualization is the biggest part of this technique, it’s not always the easiest thing to do and can take some practice.

If you find you’re not able to visualize your desire, begin by feeling the feelings associated with getting your desire. If you wanted to manifest $1,000, how would you feel when it came? What would you do with it? Would you be excited to spend it on something you’ve always wanted?

Your feelings are extremely powerful when suing this technique so make sure to use them whether you are visualizing or not.


3. Stay Detached from the Outcome

The easiest way to manifest is to stay detached from it.


I know this sounds really crazy but hear me out.

The more attached you are to getting your desire, the less belief you have that it is coming to you.

And manifestations and the Law of Attraction work based on your beliefs. 

To stay as detached as possible from what you want, use this technique at night, then in the morning go about your day as normal.

Don’t obsess about the manifestation coming at a certain time, avoid thinking about how the manifestation could happen, don’t attach a meaning to it coming, just live your life like it’s already manifested.


4. Reprogram your Subconscious Mind with Affirmations 

Another way to use this technique is to reprogram your subconscious mind with affirmations. Affirmations are simply phrases you say over and over again that align with your new desires.

If you want to manifest more money but you have contradicting beliefs about having more money, it’s going to be much more challenging to manifest that money.

Affirmations such as “I am worthy of large sums of money”, or “I make more and more money every time I sleep” can be used to help your subconscious mind create new beliefs around money or anything else you want to manifest.

Grab my free Miracle Manifestation Affirmations by clicking here to use while you sleep.


Make Manifestation Easy and Fun

The more fun you have with these techniques the more quickly your desires will manifest into reality. If you want to play more manifestation games, read this article.

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  1. says:

    Wow! Never tried before sleep manifestation but I had great results with the law of attraction before. I’ll try these for sure! Alma –

    1. Emily l She's Living Her Best Life says:

      Hey Alma, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Yes, manifesting in your sleep can be very powerful because it’s using your subconscious mind which makes for amazing manifestations. Glad to hear that you’ve found success in using the Law of Attraction as well!

  2. Jenevvie says:

    Hi Emily, I’m glad that i found your article when i’m looking for some clarification about visaulization. I would like to ask….let say i want to manifest specific amount of money, should i visualize ” the process of how i get the money ” or ” i only visualize seeing myself already got the end result ” ?

    Thank your for your time in advance and effort of replying me. Much love to you

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