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Why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for You

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Everything about the Law of Attraction seems so simple, right?

You just ask for what you want, look for some action steps to take, believe it’s coming to you and WHAM, there’s your desire staring you nose to nose in the face.

Let’s be honest, the Law of Attraction is simple, it’s us humans that make it more difficult.

But don’t worry, if you’re feeling frustrated and annoyed that everyone around you is manifesting what they want and you’re left with a piece of coal in your stocking there is hope.

I’m breaking down the top 9 most common reasons why the Law of Attraction isn’t’ working for you and what in the heck you can do it about.

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Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You


1. Getting Obsessed with Manifesting 

One of the biggest misconceptions with manifestation and using the Law of Attraction is that the only way for it to work is if you are sitting cross-legged on the floor “manifesting” for 20+ hours a day.

Or thinking that you can simply think about your desires once then you can then go about your day and allow the world around you to dictate how you feel.

Here’s the thing, all day every day we are manifesting.

Whether we know it or not.

Simply because nothing in life is guaranteed so anything you get out of life has been manifested by you and the universe.

So all you really “need” to do to manifest what you want is to set an intention and then stay in a high vibrational state throughout the day, the week, the month and so on.

That’s it.

If you want to learn more about how to intentionally manifest so that you can manifest all of your desires, read these posts.


2. Taking every Manifestation Technique as The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing but the Truth

There are a plethora of manifestation techniques out on the internet these days, 55×5, visualization, vision boards, magic checks, just to name a few.

Just like everything else in this world, manifestation is not one size fits all.

Not only that but whatever technique you believe to work the best will always work for you. Because our beliefs create our reality especially when it comes to manifesting our dream lives.

Manifesting anything and everything is based on how we feel about something.

And our desires are at a high frequency because they make us feel good. So if you want to manifest a new house or a million dollars, do a manifestation technique that makes you feel good.

If setting the intention for a new house, thinking about it for 30 seconds and then moving on with your day puts you into a high frequency or a state that feels good, do that.

If you want to write out your desires 55x for 5 days straight, do that.

Seriously, do whatever makes you feel good. Not just what someone on the internet told you to do.



3. Negative Feelings Should be Pushed Down out of the Way

This is going to sound counterintuitive because I literally just talked about feeling good if you want to manifest your desires but hear me out.

One of the biggest misconceptions about manifesting and the Law of Attraction that can drastically hold you back is thinking we’re no longer “allowed” to feel bad or negative anymore.

We are human beings.

We feel emotions all day long.

It’s normal, it’s healthy, it’s called life!

The problem comes when we see these negative emotions and then go running for the hills or try to bury them alive without actually dealing with them.

Chances are, those emotions are there for a reason.

They are trying to teach you something. So if you are constantly pushing them down, they’ll keep rearing their ugly heads time and time again because you never learned the lesson they were trying to give to you.

When you feel a negative emotion, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel.

Then begin asking yourself what happened that caused this emotion, and deal with the root cause.


4. Believing There’s a Difference Between Big Manifestations and Small Ones

The Universe and your subconscious mind don’t know the difference between a dollar bill and a million dollars.

They are only reacting to your belief about them.

Think about how a dollar bill makes you feel? Probably fairly neutral, maybe a little excited.

Now think about how a million dollars or a thousand dollars makes you feel.

Maybe nervous, anxious, or excited. Maybe thoughts of “oh I could never make that, or have that much” come up.

The Universe is just reacting to your feelings and vibrations.

If you think you can’t manifest a million dollars, you’re right.

If you think you can manifest a million dollars, you’re right.

There is no such thing as too big, or too small.

It’s all based on how you personally feel about something. Because nothing has meaning except for the meaning you decide to give it.

If you want to manifest something that you believe is “too big”, change that meaning, change the way you feel about it.


5. Thinking the Universe Cares if You’re a Good Person or Not

Nope, the universe does not care if you help little old ladies cross the street or if you steal from their purses. (Karma though)

The truth is, there are some not so great people living really amazing lives and there are some really amazing people living not so great lives.

Feeling like we need to do everything right all the time or we simply won’t get what we want is engrained in our minds from the minute we’re born.

Do you have to be the most amazing person in the world to manifest your desires?


Do we need more compassionate, loving, caring, forward-thinking people in our world?


But the Universe will not take away your desires if you mess up, make a mistake or fall flat on your face.


6. Reacting to External Sources

Remember how I talked about allowing the outside world to control your thoughts and feelings?

Yeah, if you really want to intentionally manifest your desires or ya know, live a much happier life, you’re going to need to cut that out.

When we allow someone or something to dictate how we feel we give away all of our power.

Not to mention, we’re angry all the time, we don’t enjoy life as much and we even begin attracting more things that make us annoyed and angry.

Think of life as a social media algorithm.

We see a post somebody made and like it or comment on it or share it or whatever.

The next time we log on, we see a ton more posts from that person.

Whatever social media account you were using viewed your interaction as a reason to show you more of that person whether it was a positive interaction or not.

Life works the same way.

When you give your attention to things that make you angry, you find more things that make you angry and vise versa.

Put out what you want to attract, and stop giving your power to others.


7. Only Changing what you can See

Change begins on the inside.

Because it is what’s on the inside that reflects back to us what’s on the outside.

Basically just meaning, whatever we are thinking, feeling and believing on the inside, will be reflected back to us in our physical realities.

Of course, there are other Universal laws at play here such as The Law of Polarity and Karma but you can read about those in this post.

If you are constantly trying to change what’s on the outside, you will be fighting forever. It’s when you start to make changes to your mindset that life begins to fall into place.

We have no control over other people, we only have control over ourselves.

If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, start with working with your mindset.

And if you really want a jump start on this I cannot stress this book enough, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I have read it three times and listened to the audio version. If you want to change your life, read it.

8. You’re too attached to the Outcome

This is one of the most confusing topics when it comes to manifestation and the Law of Attraction. In order to really manifest your desires, ya know, the things you really want, you have to let go of them.


I know. It makes no sense.

But here’s the deal.

When you really, really, really want something, it’s because you don’t actually have it yet right?

So then you get a little desperate. You start standing outside its’ window with a boombox at 3 am and that thing you really want eventually has had enough and avoids you at all cost.

Yeah, that’s quite dramatic and I obviously personified your desires but that’s the easiest way I can describe it.

You have to let go of the outcome.

And trust that whatever your heart desires is coming to you.

No matter how long it takes.

I have read many, many books on this topic and have even written my own post on it, but nothing even comes close to this book, It is Done by Richard Dotts.

This is not a drill or a joke, this book explains it so well, and so simply I was seriously blown away.

It’ll also take you less than an afternoon to read through which means you can get to letting go of your desires and manifesting more quickly than ever before.


9. You’re not taking Action

Yes, action is a requirement to manifestation.

I really can’t remember a time when I wanted a brand new car and low and behold without taking a single action it was sitting in my living room.

Life does not work that way.

But if you want a new car and you feel a nudge to go test drive said new car, which then leads to a new job opportunity which then allows you to purchase the new car, then we’re talking.

When we want something, the Universe sends us nudges to take action.

These nudges come to us via our intuition and it’s up to us to take that action. Even if it’s a really big hairy, scary action.

The next time you are trying to manifest something, listen closely to your intuition for action steps, then take them!


Ask, Believe, Recieve

The Law of Attraction is simple, ask, believe, receive. It’s the thoughts and beliefs pushed on us as children that make it difficult.

Figure out what works best for you, keep your vibration high and your desires will manifest.

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