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Inspirational Quotes to Live By

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Inspirational and motivational quotes have the power to change the way you think, create a pattern interrupt and drastically change your life.

Of course, they only do this if you actually apply these inspirational quotes to your life.

Regardless, there’s nothing better than filling your mind with inspiration, positivity, and things that make you stop and think, even if just for a minute.

And your thoughts are what create your reality because they turn into actions and our actions are what dictate the outcome we get, so they might as well be something you enjoy, right?

If you want to drastically change your life, change the thoughts you think and the actions you take.

Reading and applying inspirational quotes to your life is one way to do this.


11 Inspirational Quotes to Live By


1) Lies Your Ego Uses to Keep you Safe


2) Who is this “they” that you’re so afraid might judge you for being yourself?


3) Your feelings are the filter your higher self uses to decide if what you believe is truth or lie


4) You are worth so much more than someone else’s inconsistent opinion


5) Once you finally give yourself the validation you’ve been craving, you will no longer seek it from the world


6) It doesn’t matter what your outer world looks like right now. Focus on changing your inner world and everything will look different


7) Growth is uncomfortable but so is living a life that you don’t absolutely love


8) Failure is a construct of the ego-mind and is solely based on your perspective


9) F.E.A.R False Evidence Appearing Real


10) Every single day is a new opportunity to rewrite your story, change the plotline and write a new chapter


11) Changing you life means leaping into the unknown with the tenacity to keep going regardless of the outcome

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