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How to Manifest Money for Beginners

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Do you want to learn how to manifest money into your life?

I mean who doesn’t want more money?

And let’s just be honest, money is one of those topics that we all feel awkward talking about in public.

But we all want more of it.

So who do we get it?

Well using the Law of Attraction, we can intentionally manifest more money into our lives.

And I’m going to show you how.

But first, if you don’t know what the Law of Attraction is or have never heard of the 12 Universal Laws, I highly recommending reading those articles first and then coming back here.


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How to Manifest Money for Beginners


Money Starts in Your Mind First

Everything you want to manifest or bring into your physical reality begins in your mind as an image first. Then it will begin to manifest as a physical thing or situation in your life.

You may be thinking great, I’ll just think about money and then it’ll pop into my lap right?

Not exactly.

Actually no, that’s not how it works but don’t worry I’ll show you how to make this simple.

We tend to have a lot of mixed feelings about money, sometimes we love it (usually when we have a lot of it), other times we loathe it (usually when we don’t’ have it or when we spent it on something that we now regret).

These mixed feelings about and surrounding money create a lot of resistance.

And when there is resistance to something this sends mixed signals to the universe making our manifestations take that much longer to actually appear in our lives.

No one wants to wait I mean come on, it’s 2019. Instant gratification all the way!

But the Universe doesn’t care about that, it is sending you your desired manifestations based on your vibration.

And when you have a lot of resistance (fear, hate, anger, frustration, lack mindset) around something you want, your vibration is low and is not in alignment with what you want, in this case, money.

So how do you improve your money mindset? 

Practice wealth consciousness.

Wealth consciousness simply means waking up to the idea that money is all around you, it is not good, bad, evil, whatever, it just is and the best way to create a wealth consciousness practice is to read books about it.




Some of the best wealth consciousness books out there are:

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of books you can read on wealth consciousness but make sure to do this daily. Doing so helps to break the habit of thinking and action on autopilot.

If you want to manifest more money, it’s going to start with the way you think about money.

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3 Most Powerful Techniques to Manifest More Money

1. Get Clear on your Desired Amount of Money

Notice I said desired here and not how much money do you want.

This is an extremely important distinction that will make or break your manifestation.

But we’ll talk about language in a minute.

For now, get very clear on the desired amount of money you want to manifest.

And stick with it unwaveringly.

Think of the universe like a travel agent. You tell the Universe where you want to go (this is the amount of money you want to manifest). The Universe books the trip and then 10 minutes later you’ll like, no I want to go here instead.

So the Universe is like okay fine, and changes the trip.

You continue to do this over and over and over again.

Pushing out your trip longer and longer.

If you had just stuck to your original trip you’d already be on a plane sipping Champagne by now.

The point is, pick a number, hold it in your mind and you will see it in your physical reality a whole heck of a lot faster.

You can also write down all the things you’d like to do with the money because money is just a tool.

It’s not really that fun at all to just have it sitting in your bank or your pocket.

What would you buy with it? Where would you go? What would you do?

Get creative here and really paint yourself a word picture of how much money you desire as well as what you will use it for.


2. Knock Out your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are a form of doubt, and when you have doubt, manifesting what you want takes that much longer.

The more doubt you have, the longer it will take.

So how do you knock out your limiting beliefs? 

You create new empowering beliefs.

Here are just a few examples of limiting beliefs about money that may pop up:

  • Money is evil
  • Wanting money is selfish
  • Money is limited and there’s not enough for everyone
  • It’s hard to make money
  • Everything is so expensive
  • I want money but I know I could never have enough

And it goes on and on.

These beliefs do not even feel good.

Turn these around by knocking them down with evidence of the opposite either in your own life or in someone else’s.

Have you ever seen someone who had no money become a millionaire?

Are there good people that do amazing things with money all over the world?

Next, create the opposite beliefs, the type of beliefs that will serve you in your desire for more money and will actually make you feel good and empowered around money.

I go much more in-depth into this process for all aspects of your life, money, love, health, in my eBook, Personal Development Goal Setting Blueprint which you can grab by clicking here.


3. Show Up Like A Millionaire

I chose the word, “millionaire” for dramatic effect but the idea here is to show up as the version of you who already has the amount of money you desire to manifest.

Whether that is $100, $1,000 or $10 billion.

If you ignore everything else on this page, at least do this and you will see MASSIVE growth financially.

Okay, so what does this really mean?

It means thinking, acting and being the person who already has what you desire.

Using that as a filter for every action you take, everything you say and everything you do.

You may be thinking but my reality is x, y, z, I can’t just ignore that.

Here’s the thing, your current reality was created by your past thoughts, actions, and beliefs. So if you want to create a new reality you’re going to have to change your thoughts, actions, and beliefs right now.

Before your current reality shows you any evidence.

This is one of the toughest things to do because we’re holding so strongly to what we can physically see in front of us.

But if you truly want to manifest more money into your life, ask yourself every single day, “how does the version of me who already has x amount of money show up?”

“How do they think?”

“How do they show up?”

“What actions do they take?”

Do this and magic will literally begin to happen.



Money Manifestation Begins with Your Mindset

If you want to manifest more money into your life, believe it’s possible, watch your words, think, act and feel like the version of you who already has all the money you desire and read books and resources that improve your wealth consciousness.

One more thing…

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