How to make a Rope Basket out of Cardboard

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You know that pile of old boxes that seem to take up that small space under your basement stairs that just seems to keep growing and growing?

Yeah, we’ve all got those.

Organizing and decluttering your home is one of the best things you can do! So why not use those old boxes instead of throwing them away!

Today, I’m going to show you how to turn an old box into a Pier One Imports rope basket dupe! Seriously, this basket is stunning and oh, it’s less than $7! Let’s get to it!

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How to make a Rope Basket out of Cardboard

This DIY rope basket is super easy to make and you can get really creative with this which is my favorite type of craft!

I did make this basket larger which means I had to use 100 feet of rope. You can, of course, change the size and shape of your basket to fit what you want. And can make it a bit smaller than mine so you don’t have to use as much rope!

The only materials you will need for this do it yourself rope basket are, an old cardboard box (you know you have one), an old t-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up or you can use fabric if you prefer, a glue gun, 1/4 inch rope.

I personally used this rope because I found it was the least expensive (I looked everywhere!) and it works perfectly for this project!

Step One: Grab any old box you have laying around and cut off all of the flaps. It doesn’t matter what size you use. If you want a smaller rope basket, use a smaller box and so on.

Step Two: Flip your box upside down and cut off the bottom flaps as well. You’ll just be left with the sides of the box as shown above.

Step Three: Cut your box open so it’s one long piece of cardboard. *shown above*

Step Four: Lay your open box flat and begin rolling the box like a cinnamon roll. This will help curve the box into a basket shape.

Step Five: Unroll the box and start making your basket shape.

Step Six: Tape your basket together. I taped the box all around the entire circle to ensure it was staying together and make it a bit tighter.

Step Seven: Take two flaps that are the same size and tape them together on both sides. We are going to use these flaps as the base of the basket! No cardboard left behind!

Step Eight: Set your cardboard basket on the two taped together flaps and trace around it. Cut out the shape you traced.










Step Nine: Tape or glue the bottom of the basket to the circle of cardboard we made.

Step Ten: Grab your t-shirt and cut off the sleeves. I also cut the shirt at the “armpit” area and cut off some of the bottom of the shirt because it was much longer than I wanted.

Step Eleven: Flip your shirt inside out and place inside of your basket. Flip the t-shirt out to the sides and pull it tight. You may have some extra fabric at the bottom of the basket but you can glue that down. Glue down the entire shirt once you are happy with how it looks.

Step Twelve: Grab your rope and glue the first end down to your basket. I left a little fabric at the top because I liked the way it looked!

Continue to wrap the rope around your entire basket until you hit the bottom of the box and glue it down.

*Again, I use this rope because it was the least expensive rope I could find and it works perfectly! I also had extra left over for other projects!*


Rope Baskets add style to Any Home

There you have it! A stunning, simple and inexpensive rope basket that you can use for anything in your home!

These baskets make the perfect storage for blankets, fruits and veggies and even office supplies! Let your creativity run wild and have a blast!

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  1. Such a cute idea! I love that your materials are so convenient and simple!

    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you, Abbi! I wanted to keep things simple to make sure everyone could make this if they wanted to!

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