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Habits of Confident Women

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Habits of Confident Women

Have you ever wondered about the habits of confident women?

What do they do on a day to day basis that makes them so..well confident?

We all have confident women we look up to in our lives.

Whether we’re the confident woman, our best friend is, our mom is or the women we follow on social media are, we know what confidence looks like, at least to us.

Being confident is something we all strive for and women who are already confident make it look so easy.

They can walk into a room and everyone turns to look.

Their energy is enticing.

And they seem to unapologetically themselves.

Confidence is a learned behavior, which means, you can take the habits of confident women and apply them to your own life.

If you want to be more confident, stick around, you’re not going to want to miss this.

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9 Daily Habits of Confident Women


She is Unapologetically Herself

Confident women know who they are, what they want and how to get it.

They are not afraid to command attention, be weird, stand out or do things that others are afraid to do.


Because they know exactly who they are are not bothered by what other people think of them.

They are simply, unapologetically themselves.

This also means they do not apologize for taking up space, showing their emotions or asking for help. They trust that who they are will attract the right people and they don’t worry about the rest.


She Lifts Other Women Up

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”

This quote has taken social media by storm and is found on pretty much every woman’s Instagram feed. But this is one simple habit that all confident practice, they lift each other up with no expectations.

Confident women know the importance of lifting one another up instead of putting each other down because we’ve all been there.

We’ve all been on both sides.

Confident women also don’t see other women as competition.

They know there’s more than enough opportunities for all of us.


She Sees Problems and Failures as Opportunites to Learn

Everyone has problems and everyone will have something that doesn’t work out the way they hoped it would.

What matters is how you choose to look at it.

Confident women see problems as opportunities to learn and not make the same or similar mistakes again because they know mistakes and problems are just a part of everyday life.

This is a really powerful mindset shift that can take a bit of practice but once you start seeing solutions instead of just problems, things will become much easier.

If you choose to focus on problems, you’ll find them, if you choose to see the solutions, you’ll see them.


She Listens more than She Speaks

Have you ever heard the saying, the loudest person in the room is the one that is the most insecure?

Maybe that’s not really a saying but it’s true.

Confident women do not feel the need to be heard all the time. They know when to fall back and let others talk and when to talk themselves.

They also know the importance of learning from others.

And listening to what other people have to say is one of the easiest ways to do that.


She Protects her Energy

Confident women know what they “have time for” and what they don’t.

Basically, they choose what types of people, places and things they will allow in their energy and which people, places and things will just drain them.

This usually means letting go of people filled with drama, social media accounts that don’t align with their goals as well as engagements and events that don’t align.

It takes time to know what you are whiling to let in your life and what you’re not.

But if something is draining your energy, even if that’s a friend, let them go.


She Doesn’t Take Things Personally

In today’s world, everyone has an opinion about everyone and everything.

It’s easy to get caught up in taking everyone’s opinions as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth but doing so will make life much more difficult than it needs to be.

Whether it’s a stranger on the internet, a boss or even a friend, confident women don’t take the actions of others personally.

Opinions of others are a reflection of their beliefs and feelings, not yours.


She’s Productive, not Busy

There’s a huge difference between being busy and working 90 hours a week and actually being productive.

Productivity has been shown to decrease after 35 hours and stress levels have increased.

Confident women know the importance of taking time off to practice self-care, get their minds right and take time for themselves.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup or secure your oxygen mask before assisting others or whatever cliche you prefer.

But seriously, you can’t show up as your best self in life if you are not taking care of yourself first.

Confident women also know when to say no to things that will drain them of their energy.

This is important.


She Gets out of Her Comfort Zone

“Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Yes, all the cliche things.

Confident women know the importance of stepping out of their comfort zones to live a bigger life.

Just think of all the things you’ve accomplished that were once outside of your comfort zone.

Learning to walk, talk, eat, drive a car, go to school, jump rope, make new friends, the list literally goes on.

There will always be things that scare us but if we want to make changes in our lives we have to step outside of our comfort zones and confident women make this a habit.


She Practices Postive Self-Talk

The words we say to ourselves make up how we see ourselves which in turn, make up our actions and how we show up in the world.

Confidence doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes practice and confident women watch what they say to themselves as well as to others.

There are a plethora of ways to practice this such as mirror work or simply just noticing what you say about yourself.

Start by telling yourself what you like about yourself no matter how small.

This will get you in the habit of seeing yourself in a more positive light and will make you much more confident in the long run.


Confident Begins on the Inside

I know, I know, we’ve all heard it, beauty is from the inside out but look it’s true.

If you want to be more confident, start with how you feel, take a look at the way you talk to yourself, to others and practice being more confident on a daily basis.

These are just some of the habits of confident women but remember to pick habits that make you feel good and feel more confident yourself.

Want to boost confidence in yourself? Book in a session with me to overcome self-doubt, bust limiting beliefs and step into your power as the most confident version of yourself. Email me at to learn more.

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