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7 Hacks that Give You the Fitness Motivation You’ve Been Searching For

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Sticking to a healthy fitness plan is like trying to eat ice cream in the Mojave Desert.

It sounds like a great idea at first but then as the ice cream melts like a waterfall all over your hands and face, you just end up with a big sticky mess and wonder why you even wanted to do it in the first place.

Finding fitness motivation is even harder. 

Like trying to find a key to a door that doesn’t even have a lock on it.

I’ve been there, getting all riled up after 101 Youtube videos about 90-year-old women running marathons and thinking to myself, if they can do it so can I!

And it’s fun even for a few days.

But then that inevitable downward trail of motivation hits and all those dreams fall away.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be that way.

What if I told you there are actually a few simple ways to stick to your fitness goals for longer than a few days or weeks?

Are you in?

7 Hacks that Give You the Fitness Motivation You’ve Been Searching For

1. Make it a Habit of Sticking to Things

How many times has something been pushed to the wayside on your to-do list?

How often do you say you’re going to do something but then something better or more interesting comes along and bam, that first thing is tossed out the window like an old pair of socks.

This is where self-integrity comes in.

Doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.

And you may think that self-integrity isn’t important because when it comes to doing something for someone else, you’re on the ball.

Here’s the thing, when you don’t do something you said you were going to do – and it was for yourself only – you start to lose trust in yourself.

Think about any time someone else constantly stood you up.

Or told you they were going to do something but were notorious for “not getting it done.”

You probably didn’t trust them much or even believe what they said.

Your brain does the same thing!

When you keep putting off today what you could do tomorrow, you stop believing your word. You stop trusting yourself.

Make it a habit to show up for yourself. No matter what.

Habits are created by consistency and repetition.

Start creating the habit of doing what you say when you say you’re going to do it and when you choose to make some fitness goals you will be much more likely to actually stick with them.


2. Make your Fitness Goals Non-negotiable

Brushing your teeth is non-negotiable.

Eating, non-negotiable.

That Friday after work Starbucks drink, non-negotiable.

If fitness is important to you for any reason, choose to make it non-negotiable.

Once you’ve made that decision in your mind it’s all uphill from there, but it starts with deciding.

And then being clear on when you want to exercise, when you want to rest and putting it in your calendar just as you would anything else that’s important to you.


3. How Can I Make This More Fun?

Fitness and fun may not be either of the “F” words you think of when you’re running on the treadmill or being screamed at by an alarmingly overly enthusiastic instructor while throwing blocks of iron over your head.

But having fun is yet again, another choice.

And can be decided on at any time.

Instead of asking yourself, when will this be over????

Ask, how can I make this more fun? How can I make this more enjoyable? 

Some answers that come up might be, calling up your best friend to run alongside you or going to a hot yoga class for the first time or even just trying rock climbing or something exotic.

Fitness, health, exercise, all the things, are not one size fits all.

It’s going to look different on and for everybody.

Running is exercise, rock climbing is exercise, walking is exercise, kayaking is exercise, hiking is exercise, you get it.

So choose to make it fun in whatever way you can!


4. Create Clear and Decisive Goals

It’s so easy to just pick a few goals here and there that sound good.

Then a week later you go scrolling on Youtube and learn that your favorite Youtuber has a completely different routine so you start to follow that.

A week after that you hear on the news that you should be doing x amount of cardio in the morning to burn fat. (<— I’m not saying this is true, I’m just using this as an example)

Later you decide you want to grow a booty, burn fat, grow a six-pack and bulk all at the same time.

I may or may not be speaking from personal experience here…

That’s all confusing as all heck and frankly, you end up seeing no results because you’ve been jumping from one thing to another for weeks.

It’s a frustrating cycle.

And here’s how to end it.

Pick a fitness goal, one. Stick to it for a few months. Evaluate. Adjust accordingly.

Want to lose some weight for health and it’s your first time exercising in years?


Start walking, go to the gym 3x a week and work on weight training.

Clean up your diet.

Want to gain muscle?


Create a weight lifting plan, eat enough protein for your body, adjust your diet accordingly.

Choose a goal, create mini-goals around that goal that align with getting the outcome you want.

Then stick with it, track it, and adjust as needed.

Need help sticking to and creating goals? As a Life and Success Coach, I can help you gain clarity, identify what’s keeping you stuck, and help keep you accountable. Learn about my 1-1 private sessions here.



5. Track your Progress

Stepping on the scale or looking in the mirror is only one way to see progress, but they can be very deceptive.

Oftentimes, we are so close to our goals that we can’t see how far we’ve come.

This is why tracking your progress is so important.

It’s also important for building strength and getting very clear with yourself with the habits you’ve stuck to and the habits you’ve let slip.

Tracking doesn’t have to be an overly complicated thing that takes hours to do.

It can actually take only a few minutes but will give you solid proof that yes, you have improved over time whether that be with the strength you’ve gained, the amount of water you’re drinking, the inches you’ve lost or gained or even the number of days you exercise a week.


6. Toss Your Ego Out the Window

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it, you can’t actually get rid of your ego-mind. It’s that part of you that’s desperately trying to keep you safe but believes anything new is a threat.

Like a life-threatening one.

Creating new habits is NOT life or death. 

But your ego doesn’t know the difference so the inevitable happens.

It tries to call you back into your comfort zone as quickly and obnoxiously as it can.

The common things that come up when creating new fitness habits are fear of being judged, comparison, thinking you need to “find motivation”, thinking you need to all the things to see results.

These things come up as a protection mechanism.

But you can dismiss them by simply changing your focus.

When you notice a thought or behavior coming up that isn’t in alignment with your fitness goals, simply switch your focus from that thought to a new empowering thought.

Your behavior and actions will follow suit.

Remember, habits are created by repetition and consistency. 

Dismissing and overcoming your ego is something I discuss in great detail in my new book releasing in mid-2020.


7. See Yourself Accomplishing Your Goals

This last one might come across as a little “woo woo” but in fact, it’s actually based in science and deals with your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind without going into extensive detail is like a train and will follow whatever track you put it on until you create a new track for it to run with.

It also likes to move quickly and relies on habits to create behaviors and actions.

Which is why creating habits is so dang important.

Your subconscious mind is very literal and loves pictures and images to understand things.

Quick, think of a lemon.

You made a picture of it in your mind even if you only got a smell, a taste or a feeling consciously.

To put your subconscious mind on the train track of fitness motivation and creating healthy habits, you have to create a picture of it in your mind.

What does it look like to you?

What does it feel like?

What do you see, hear and feel?

By what date specifically? And I do mean specific. January 1, 2020.

Then dissociate yourself from the image almost like you’re watching a movie of yourself and see yourself doing and being whatever it is you want to do and be according to your fitness goals.

Lock that image in and go on your merry way.

Your subconscious mind did a lot of the work but now it’s your job to stay focused on that goal and hold it in your mind whether the motivation is there or not, whether your ego is yelling at you to stop or not, whether your friends are pushing you to go out with them or not.

Stay focused.

Stay on the train track to your goal.


Your Fitness Motivation is in Your Hands

These techniques and many more are used in my 1-on-1 sessions to help you reach any and every goal you desire but at the end of the day, your goals, dreams, desires, and outcomes are in your hands.

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