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Ego vs Intuition: Which One is Controlling Your Life?

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Intuition vs Ego.

You’ve heard these terms thrown around in the personal development community for years.

Maybe you’ve even heard that the ego is bad news and your intuition is what you need to be listening to if you want to live your best life.

But uh, what do they really mean?

And how do you “listen” to them, or not listen to them?

The idea that are two “voices” telling us what to do, what to believe and what decisions to make is enough to make anyone’s head spin, let alone the idea that these voices are contradicting.

So which one do you listen to?

Your ego…

or your intuition?

First, you need to understand what the actual difference is between your ego and your intuition and how to tell them apart when they’re fighting for space inside your consciousness.

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What is Your Ego?

Your ego’s main job is to keep you alive. That’s it.

The ego uses physical problems are a way to decide what actions to take and those actions are always based on survival and keeping you safe.

It’s the flight or fight response you feel when in a life-threatening situation.

But the ego also comes up during anything that is uncomfortable and unfamiliar to you because if it doesn’t know what’s going on, that means it won’t be able to take the actions that will protect you.

Basically, the ego makes all decisions from fear.

And it makes you move very quickly to make sure you are away from danger.

Even if the danger is a dollar bill, doing a Facebook Live or asking out your super sexy neighbor for a dinner date.

So the ego is bad then right?


The ego is used to keep you alive which is 100% necessary to live a life.

Your ego can also be used to get you closer to living your best possible life because when the ego speaks up this gives you an opportunity to see where you need to improve as well as where your thoughts, beliefs, and actions differ from the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of your goals.

The idea is to understand how to use both your ego and your intuition to create the life you want.


What is Your Intuition?

Your intuition always comes from a gut feeling and from your heart.

Your intuition makes decisions based on the knowledge that everything is rigged in your favor and its purpose is to make sure you thrive.

Intuition is usually sent from Universal intelligence (or whatever you personally believe in) and is always right because it doesn’t base it’s actions, thoughts or beliefs on what it can physically see.

Instead, it comes from an all-knowing stand-point that you are being guided by the Universe meaning you are always on the right path.

Your intuition is here to guide you through life in both a spiritual manner as well as emotional.

And it can give you a sense of “just knowing” without any explanation.

The nudges from your intuition usually come as a feeling you have instead of a loud voice and it takes some time to really get a feel for the intuitive nudges you receive.

Your ego is the logical mind and your intuition is the spiritual all-knowing mind.


Ego vs Intuition: Which One is Controlling Your Life?

At first, it can be a challenge to decipher between the two because most of our lives we are taught to use the logical part of our brains.

Be more realistic.

Think clearly.

Use your head.

There are two areas of our lives that the ego and the intuition differ greatly and they are easy places to start when you want to become more in tune and in touch with your intuition.

And these two areas are, problem-solving and the questions you ask.

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Ego vs Intuition: Problem Solving 

Pretend for a minute that you are walking along and you come up to a brick wall (problem).

Your ego will see this brick will and will only find excuses as to why it’s there, what it means about who you are and why you can’t overcome it.

Then because you see no way around the brick wall (problem), you go back to where you were walking, also known as your comfort zone.

Let’s say your intuition walks up onto the same brick wall (problem) but because the intuition has a different perspective on problems (such as, there is always a solution), you will then begin to look for a simple solution to go around or through the brick wall (problem).

Think of it like this, your ego and your intuition are looking out the same window but see two different things based on their perspective.

If you’re only looking at the problem, that is all you will see.

If you’re only looking at the problem just long enough to figure out a solution, solutions are all you will see.


Ego vs Intuition: Asking Questions

Another way to decipher between your ego and your intuition and which one is speaking up when you ask questions.

The ego will always ask questions out of fear and lack.

The intuition will always ask questions out of love and knowing.

Your intuition will also base its questions on getting an answer or a solution to the questions.

Were as your ego will ask a question to find an excuse or a reason not to do something because your ego is just trying to keep you safe by keeping you in predictable situations.


If you notice yourself asking questions from the ego, simply switch them around and start asking yourself questions that will give you answers.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions of you ask.

This is important.

If you want to learn how to ask yourself high-quality questions, grab your copy of Journal your Way to Success here – filled with 300 questions you should be asking.



Ego vs Intuition: 4 More Differences

Ego Acts from Scarcity 

Your ego believes there is only so much to go around, and if someone else gets something then that means there’s not enough for you.

This can manifest itself as jealousy and envy for what someone else has.

These fears can come into play a lot around money and fearing there isn’t enough for you.

Your intuition, on the other hand, believes in abundance and knows that we live in an abundant universe which means, there is ONLY abundance.

An abundance of whatever we put our attention and focus on.


The Ego Using Physical Reality to Determine How you Feel, Think and Act

Your ego loves to be the worlds best fortune teller because if it can predict how a situation is going to go, then it can make sure you’re not in any physical danger.

So, your ego uses your physical reality to decide what to do next.

In your actions, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

But here’s the kicker, your current reality was created by your past actions, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

If those past actions, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs came from your ego-mind, then you’re probably not where you want to be.

Your intuition uses a higher power and the knowing that life is rigged in your favor to decide what actions to take, how to feel, what to think and what to believe.

Your intuition also uses what happens in your physical reality as lessons to know what to do and what not to do.


Your Ego Uses Excuses To Keep You In Your Comfort Zone

As I said, your ego loves to know what’s going on and predict how something is going to go.

Well, what better place to be than in your comfort zone.

Where nothing new ever happens.

There are no “threats”, there are no changes, and the outcome of day to day life is predetermined.

This is why it can so scary to do something outside of your comfort zone because you’re not sure how it’s going to go.

What the outcome is going to be. 

But when acting from your intuition and taking intuitive nudges, it feels easier, less scary because your intuition knows that everything will work out just as it’s supposed to.


The Ego Believes Feelings Come from External Things

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you weren’t happy without it, you won’t be happy with it.”

And you probably rolled your eyes and moved on.

Happiness does not come from something outside yourself and those thoughts come from the ego.

Because your ego wants to control everything based on past beliefs.

And through the things we’re taught and lessons we learn, people, places and things are what create happiness, not ourselves.

The problem is that if you base your happiness on something that is ever-changing, it’s going to be really challenging to stay happy.

Which is why your intuition knows that happiness is created from within and isn’t determined by anything or anyone else.


Listening to Your Intuition Takes Practice

Awareness is the first step to listening to your intuition.

Being aware that there are two different voices trying to nudge you in two different directions.

But remember, your ego comes from fear and lack and your intuition comes from a place of love and knowing and will always move you in the right direction.

>> If you want to learn how to stop your ego from taking over your life, check out my book, Stop it. Your Ego is Showing here.

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