3 DIY Summer Inspired Fruit Mason Jars

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Summer is finally upon us which means days spent at the beach, backyard BBQs and nights sleeping under the stars!

But nothing says summer quite like fresh pineapple, strawberries and of course, watermelon!

I wanted to have a little fun this summer and not only enjoy those delicious fruits but also turn them into an adorable and fun DIY project!

I’ve put together three different summer-inspired fruit mason jars that are not only budget friendly but can be used to spice up any home, a day at the beach or even a picnic!

3 DIY Summer Inspired Fruit Mason Jars

DIY Summer Inspired Fruit Mason Jars

If you don’t have any jars on hand that are ready to be used, feel free to purchase mason jars but I do recommend buying them from a second-hand shop instead of a grocery store or online.

I’ve bought all of my mason jars for crafts from my local second-hand shop for 35 cents! You can’t beat that price!

You can also use an old pickle jar or even a salsa jar which I found work perfectly!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means as an Amazon Associate I may receive a small commission if you choose to use my link to purchase a product or service from that particular link.

1. Strawberry Tumbler

Strawberries are probably one of my favorite fruits and it turns out they’re pretty fun to paint as well! Don’t worry, you don’t need crazy painting skills for this, just some acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and a clean jar!

Step One: Completely clean your jar of any and all debris. I soak my jars in hot water and soap to help peel off the labels if needed and use fingernail polish for really stubborn ones. Make sure to use a jar that has a lid, we’ll need it for later!

Also, make sure to remove all of the glue if your jar had a label. Leftover glue can cause your paint to crack!

Step Two: Using acrylic paint, paint your entire jar including the bottom red. *Sometimes the paint can rub off when screwing and unscrewing a cover.

You can avoid this by not painting the top of the jar.

I forgot to do this so some of my paint rubbed off a bit at the top.

Red paint can be quite translucent you may need to do more than one coat. I did about three coats total. *I highly recommend using the Apple Barrel acrylic paints, they are the most affordable and cover the best for these crafting projects!

Step Three: Once your paint is completely dry use green acrylic paint to paint on the stem of the strawberry at the top of the jar.

Step Four: Using the end of your brush and black acrylic paint, add black dots or “seeds” to the entire strawberry jar! There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just dot away!

Step Five: Drill a hole in the middle of the jar lid. This is where the straw will go! You can use sandpaper to smooth out the other side of the hole to remove any jagged edges.

Step Six: Paint the entire lid of your jar with the same green acrylic paint you used to create the stem of the strawberry. * Absolutely make sure you are using toxic free paint!*

Step 7: Once the jar and lid are completely dry and has cured (usually takes a day) I highly recommend varnishing your tumbler. This will help the paint stay put and makes for easier washing. *Handwash only

Use a NON-TOXIC varnish and please do your research/email the company to ensure it’s safe to use.

Once the varnish is dry, add your straw and drink of choice and enjoy that summertime breeze!

These reusable glass straws not only make great pictures but greatly reduce waste! They even come with a little brush for easy cleaning!

2. Watermelon Utensil Holder

There is nothing better in summer than a ripe, juicy piece of watermelon! This DIY is perfect for picnics at the beach or even to add a pop of summer to any kitchen or BBQ!

Step One: Clean your entire jar making sure to remove the entire label as well as the glue. Hot water and soap work the best and nail polish remover works well for stubborn glue.

Step Two: Paint your entire jar a deep pink color. I always liked my watermelons darker in color so I painted mine a bit darker.

Pink is a very translucent color that will require multiple coats of paint. Depending on the color you choose, you may need three-four coats to completely cover the jar.

Step Three: Once the paint is completely dry, add painter’s tape around the jar. I added the tape a little lower than halfway. Paint below the tape a light/lime green color.

Step Four: Using black acrylic paint, paint on the seeds of the watermelon! I painted on sort of an upside-down teardrop shape!

Step Five: Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and using a darker green paint, add a few squiggly lines to represent the watermelon! This doesn’t have to be perfect, just do your best!

Step Six (optional): You can add another small white squiggly line where the green paint meets the pink paint to hide the transition or leave it as is! I also added some rope to the top of the jar to add a rustic touch!

Step Seven: I highly recommend varnishing this jar to ensure the paint stays in place and it makes for much easier cleaning! *Handwash only* I highly recommend using this varnish and this is the only varnish I use for all of my projects and paintings >> Liquitex Gloss Medium Varnish


3. Pineapple Succulent Vase

Pineapples make the perfect home and office decor pieces! They will also add a summer flare to any home!

I chose to put a fake succulent inside my Pineapple because I thought it looked like the spiky top of a real Pineapple and I really don’t have a green thumb!

Step One: Once your jar is completely cleaned using soap and hot water, paint it yellow using acrylic paint.

Step Two: Once the paint is dry, use green acrylic paint to paint on the stem/spiky top of the pineapple! You could also just paint the top of the jar green, it’s up to you.

Step Three: Using a small paintbrush and black acrylic paint, paint on small “v’s” all over the pineapple. This is to give the effect of the spiky part around the pineapple.

Step Four: Add rocks, rice, dirt or whatever you want in the bottom of the jar and stick in your succulent plant!

If you choose to add real succulents or plants, make sure to varnish the outside of the jar to ensure the paint will stay on and not wash off when you water your plants!

This is the only varnish I use and recommend >> Liquitex Gloss Medium Varnish If you purchase this, make sure to only purchase the “gloss medium and varnish” linked above. The gloss medium and varnish will seal your painting.

These DIY spring inspired mason jars make great gifts or the perfect addition to any home or office!

What I love about these mason jars is how simple they are to make but they really add a fun summer vibe and they are super practical as well!

Don’t forget to share pictures of your creations on our Pinterest and remember to share the love!

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  1. says:

    These jars are absolutely adorable! I’m going to try these out with some plants this summer 🙂


    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you so much, Christen! I hope you have a blast making these!

  2. These are too cute!
    Can’t wait to try them out!

    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you! They were so much fun to make and really add tons of color to my home!

  3. Aww, I love this so much!! The Pineapple Succulent Vase is so cute!! Really fun ideas, loved this post! 🙂

    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you so much, Nunzia! That pineapple was my favorite and the succulent really looked like the top of a real pineapple! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

  4. These are adorable!

    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you, Amanda! And thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Kelly says:

    These are so cute! Such great ideas

    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you, Kelly!

  6. These are all so freaking adorable! I’m obsessed. Need to make each one asap. Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing such a cute DIY ^^. I love it!

    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you so much, Sara! They are so much fun to make and they add so much fun summer color to your home! Enjoy making them!

  7. says:

    These are gorgeous! With a little help, they are a perfect art project for older children as well. Thank you.

    1. TwoCraftyGals says:

      Thank you, Lara!

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