What if ONE question could unlock the doors to massive success?

When was the last time you asked yourself a question?

And I don’t just mean questions like…

Why is this happening to me?
What am I doing wrong?
Why am I always like this?
Why does this always happen to me?

I mean questions that actually give you answers you can use.

Questions that lead you to say something along the lines of, “holy shift!”

Here’s the thing, your best life, the life you are dreaming about right now, the life you would live if you won the lottery, is right outside of a change in thinking.

A simple change in your thoughts creates a ripple effect that touches your beliefs, which creates your actions and in turn, gives you the results you see in your physical reality.

And this change in your thoughts only needs to be done for 51% of your day.

That’s less than 13 hours of your entire day.

So how do you actually go about changing your thoughts then?

One simple answer.

Interrupting your thoughts with questions.

When you interrupt your autopilot thoughts with questions and I mean good questions, you’re forced to think outside of your box to find the answer which immediately removes you from the thoughts that could be keeping you from your dream life.

Asking yourself these result based questions doesn’t come naturally. It’s not something you’re taught in school and you can’t find it in a textbook.

And that is where journal prompts come in.

Journal prompts give you the ability to practice interrupting your own thoughts so that you can turn those thoughts into ones that serve you.

I am sharing with you 300 of the juiciest, most transformative journal prompts I’ve ever used so that you can journal your way to success.


I’ve used these journal prompts to successfully:

  • Land a book deal (the biggest dream I’ve ever had in my life)
  • Shift through massive money blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Bring in new clients into my business
  • Manifest winning competitions
  • Get out of old habits (such as drinking) that were holding me back in life
  • the list literally goes on and on

The proof is in the pudding…or the questions in this case.

Magic literally happens when you shift your thoughts, gain clarity and think in a way that serves your highest potential.

If you want just a taste of the magical manifesting power that journaling can have and you want more success in your life, grab your copy of Journal your Way to Success.

These journal prompts are best used on a daily basis to get started to begin to train your mind to question your thoughts, look at them and see if they are hurting you or helping you.

Remember, all you need to change your life is to change your thoughts for 51% of your day.

And these journal prompts will help you do that.

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