DIY Budget-Friendly Canvas Art

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Art is a beautiful thing, it’s subjective. We each see something different even if we’re looking at the exact same piece.

But let’s face it, quality art can be expensive!

My fiance and I recently moved into our first house!  Okay, okay we moved in a year ago but our walls are still empty and we still have boxes everywhere.


I couldn’t wait to decorate our home, but like I said, art can be expensive! So I wanted to find a way to make art that was trendy, minimalist and also gorgeous.

Naturally, I went the DIY route because who doesn’t love to be creative right? And it’s finally super nice outside! Hooray!

I’ve put together three DIY canvas art pieces that are perfect for any home and guess what? They’re even budget friendly too! Win-win!

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Budget-Friendly DIY Canvas Art

These DIY projects do get quite messy so I do recommend doing these outside or putting an old tablecloth down!

I also recommend wearing old clothes and gloves…my hands were covered in paint after doing these projects! But that’s half the fun right?


1. Gold Drip Canvas

This one is so much fun to do and looks incredible! I absolutely love this look and can’t believe how simple it is to do!

All you need is a canvas or a canvas board, blue and gold acrylic paints and a paintbrush! That’s it! Inexpensive, fun and a stunning art piece at the end? Count me in!

Step One: Paint the entire background of your canvas light blue. You can, of course, use whatever colors you want but if you want this exact look I’d recommend this light blue acrylic paint.

Step Two: Using your gold paint, hold the paint at the top and squeeze the bottle to drip the paint down the canvas. You can tip the canvas down to help the paint drip more and tip it flat to stop the paint from dripping.

Step Three: Let the paint completely dry, seal it with an acrylic varnish *if you want, completely optional-I used a gloss varnish on the gold portion to make it shine* frame it and whoop there it is!

You’ve got yourself a gorgeous piece of art that looks like it cost thousands of dollars but is actually less than $10!!


2. Gold Geometric Painted Canvas

Geometric patterns are not only incredible for adding a fun pop to your living room, but they’re super fun and simple to do!

Can you believe all you need is gold and blue acrylic paint, a wrapped canvas or a canvas board some painters tape and a paint brush to achieve this look?

Oh, and there’s only three steps! I’m on board!

If you want to add a pop of color and add some fun shapes to any room in your home, this do it yourself canvas art is for you!

Step One: Paint your entire canvas with light blue paint. Again, you can use any color you want but if you want to achieve this look, use this light blue paint.

For a more minimalist look, keep the background white and just skip to step two!

Step Two: Once the background paint is completely dry, tape off your favorite geometric pattern. You will be painting on the outside of the tape.

I just put tape all over the canvas where I wanted the blue paint to show through. I didn’t really have a plan for this! Just have fun!

Step three: Paint the gold paint over the rest of the canvas. It’s okay if it gets on the tape but be careful not to use globs of gold paint so it doesn’t get under the tape. We want the blue paint to show through once we take the tape off!

ONLY USE PAINTERS TAPE! Any other tape will pull off the blue paint from the canvas!

Step Four: Once the paint is completely dry, pull off the tape from the canvas, seal with acrylic varnish, frame and there you have it!

A stunning piece of art that everyone will love!


3. Hydro Dipped Canvas

Hydro dipping is a blast but this is where it can get quite messy! All you need is some dollar store nail polish, a square bucket that’s filled with water and a canvas or a canvas board!

You can find my favorite canvas boards on Amazon, they’re very economical and easy to use! You can also frame canvas boards much more easily than wrapped canvases.

I think these art pieces would look phenomenal with a gold nail polish accent if you really want something decadent and modern in your living room!

Step 1: Fill up your bucket with water. Just make sure the bucket or whatever you are using to dip the canvas in is large enough for your canvas to fit. I didn’t do this and the first one I did turned out a little funky.

Step 2: Pour in your nail polish in any pattern that you’d like. You can use a wooden stick to move the polish around.

Be creative with this!

You could make a marble pattern, different colors with a gold accent, literally, the possibilities are endless with this project!

Step 3: Add some tape on the back of your canvas so you have something to hold onto when you are dipping it into the nail polish.

I do recommend wearing gloves for this! Nail polish does not come off your hands very easily…or so I’ve been told…

Step 4: Dip your canvas into the nail polish. You only have to let the canvas sit on the surface and the nail polish will adhere to the canvas! You can move it around a  bit just to make sure you’ve gotten all of the colors on your canvas.

Lift it up and that’s it! You have really fun and funky canvas board to spice up any living room or even a kids bedroom!

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