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11 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

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You know that friend that comes over to your house but secretly they’re only there for your dogs?

Yeah, I’m that friend.

If you have a special dog lover in your life it can be tough to decide what to buy them for those special occasions like the holidays.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for dog lovers so you never run out of ideas and can get your friends and family exactly what they’ve always wanted, more stuff about dogs!

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The Top 11 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers



1. Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

My fiance and I have had our dog for a wonderful 7 years now and never knew what the heck he was. For my birthday he got me this Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit to find out what our pup was and seriously, this kit is so freaking cool!

And would make the perfect gift this holiday season.

It’s pretty simple too and only took less than two weeks to get the results back! We got a little family tree for our doggo and learned a lot about who he actually was.

While they couldn’t nail down all of the breeds in our dog, they found five key breeds that stood out the most and even determined what his parents were!

I highly recommend this kit as a gift to anyone and everyone! And as you can see, my dog Bleu was extremely happy to learn he had Chihuahua in his family history.

2. Personalized Leash Hanger 

We all have that one friend that is always late to the dog park because they’re untangling leashes. UGH. That’s why this absolutely adorable  “It’s Walkies Time” personalized leash hanger is the perfect gift.

And not only that but it hits the nail on the head with how we all speak to our special fur babies.





3. Personalized Peekaboo Pet Portraits

Everybody loves a good portrait so why not have one of your dog??

RomaLena creates these stunning portraits by hand and allows you to show off your favorite pooch to everyone who comes into your home!





4. Personalized Done Bone Christmas Ornament

Christmas is a just a few weeks away and this stunning personalized dog bone ornament makes the perfect gift for all dog lovers in your life.

Make sure to order now so it gets here before the holiday crazies and festivities.



5. Personalized Dog Paw Necklace

Losing a beloved family member can be one of the toughest parts of falling in love with a furry friend (but it’s so worth it).

This stunning personalized paw print necklace is the perfect way to help you or your loved one remember their best furry friend as well as make sure their paws are always close to your heart.



6. “A House is not a Home without Pawprints” Wooden Sign

Dogs truly do leave pawprints on your heart and this “A House is not a Home without Pawprints” wooden sign is the perfect gift for any and all dog lovers in your life this holiday season.



7. “The Dog Hair is part of the Decor” Wooden Sign

Want a lil dog hair with your “too clean” black pants?

Anyone who has a dog or has a friend that has one knows that dog hair is just part of the deal and this “The Dog Hair is part of the Decor” wooden sign makes for the perfect hilarious gift for all your fur-covered friends. (and no, I’m not talking about the dogs)


8. “Do Not Knock Crazy Dogs Live Here” Wooden Sign

This “Do Not Knock Crazy Dogs Live Here” wooden sign basically sums up my life and the life of any person with a talkative pup.

If you have a friend or family member with a chatty pooch, this sign makes the perfect fun holiday gift and it may even stop people from knocking on the dang door all the time. Just sayin’.



9. “Light this when the Dog Farts” Candle

Oh, we’ve all been there when the silent killer of a swift dog toot comes after us out of nowhere and we find ourselves running around the house trying to alleviate the smell with more smells. Which makes this “Light this when the Dog Farts” candle the perfect gift for anyone with a stinky doggo.

This candle speaks for itself.



10. Silicone Dog Treat Mold

 There is nothing like a solid homemade gift for that special someone in your life, including your best friend’s dog. So if you’re feelin’ crafty or like baking this holiday season why not make your very own dog treats with these adorable silicone dog treat molds.

This set of molds even comes with a doggy treat cookbook.



11. Adult Color Book for Dog Lovers

 Adult coloring books are pretty much the best invention ever and if you’re a dog lover or you just like to color or know someone who does, this adult coloring book for dog lovers makes the perfect gift for kids and adults alike.

Buy two or three or four and have yourself a doggy coloring party. You can even invite your dogs.





If you’d like even more gift guides, check out the gift guide section on our blog. There’s something for everyone.

Before you leave, don’t forget to save this for later so you can find it again when you’re out and about shopping for gifts.

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