Best Fiction Books to Read When You’re Stuck at Home

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If you’re looking for some of the best fiction books to read, look no further.

And if you are looking to be shocked and left with your mouth hanging open or you want to be left on the edge of your seat with mysteries sure to leave you craving more, these books will make any avid reader happy.

These books are the perfect summer reads and are even great sitting in front of the fire with a blanket and some hot cocoa.

Either way, you’ll get lost in a new world that will leave you in shock and awe.



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Best Fiction Books You Need to Read Today


Eleanor Oliphant is Completly Fine

Gail Honeyman has taken an unlikely character turned completely lovable along with twists and turns you’ll never see coming in her #1 Best Seller, Eleanor Oliphant is Completly Fine.

This book takes on hard-hitting issues and turns them into something relatable for everyone.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and in the end, you’ll be left with your mouth hanging open in shock.

Grab your copy of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine here



The Silent Patient 

 With over 12,000 Amazon reviews and 4.5 stars, you know this book is going to be good.

Alex Michaelides knocked it out of the park with this one and it is hands down, one of the best books I have ever personally read.

It skims the line between too much and just enough and will leave you in complete and utter shock when the ending is revealed.

Will the new kid on the block be able to help a patient that hasn’t talked since her husband’s death?

Or will she be given up on forever and take her story to the grave?

If you like a good psychological thriller that leaves you begging for me and keeps you on your toes the entire book, this one is for you.

Trust me, nothing is as it seems.

Grab your copy of The Silent Patient here




The Last House Guest

 You know it’s going to be a good one when you’re hooked a mere 20 pages in and that is exactly what Megan Miranda was able to accomplish with her New York Times Best Seller, The Last House Guest.

With twists and turns you never saw coming, this book is another one that will leave you questioning everything in all the right ways.

I finished this book in three days.

And so will you.

Grab your copy of The Last House Guest here



Truly Madly Guilty 

Liane Moriarty, the author of Big Little Lies, The Hypnotists Love Story, and The Husbands Secret, brings you in for another physiological thriller that will leave you wanting more.

Truly Madly Guiltytakes you on an emotional roller coaster when an innocent backyard BBQ takes a sinister turn.

This book will leave you catching your breath as each page leaves you with more and more questions until the ending is finally revealed.

Grab your copy of Truly Madly Guilty here




The Girl on the Train

 The Girl on the Train is full of secret lives, lies, and destruction covered by smiling faces and seemingly perfect lives.

But as the curtain is pulled back on what appears to be a perfectly happy marriage, the main character of the book soon discovers a grisly secret.

This psychological secret will have you gripped with anticipation, fear, and wonder.

Every page reveals something new leaving you instantly hooked.

Grab your copy of The Girl on the Train here



Sharp Objects

 From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn brings you for another physiological ride with her book, Sharp Objects.

This book has even more twists and turns as the main character begins to identify a bit too strongly with two young murder victims.

Will her past lead her to the killer?

Or will her obsession lead to her down a dangerous path?

Find out by reading Sharp Objects here




Nowhere to Run

 In this oldie but goodie, Nowhere to Run depicts the life of a news anchor that’s used to sharing her fair share of fear gripping stories. When a colleague dies of symptoms that appear to be similar to anthrax her entire world is flipped upside down.

Will they find the person behind these horrific murders?

Or will the killer leave everyone in the dust?

Find out in Nowhere to Run here




The Last Anniversary

 When a small baby is found crying alone in a crib with her family nowhere to be found inside a home that is eerily just as they left it, this small beach town is changed forever.

The mystery of the baby and her family become an attraction for tourists but a secret much more sinister is clawing at the cracks just waiting to be revealed.

What happened to the baby’s parents that fateful night?

Find out in the Last Anniversary here




Beat Boredom with the Best Fiction Books

Whether you’re bored in the house, in the house bored (thank you Tik Tok) or you’re just looking for something to do by the pool for the summer, these books will help you beat boredom and stay on your toes all summer long.

Make sure to save this post for later and come back to it as I update it.

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