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Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers

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Looking for the best gifts you can give to your child’s teachers this year?

The holidays are quickly approaching, you’ve got your entire holiday shopping list written out, you’re feeling like a boss and then you realize you forgot your child’s teachers!!

*cue dramatic music*

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with six of the best Christmas gifts for teachers to make their job slightly easier and provide some comic relief!

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The Top Six Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers


1. Teacher Appreciation Notebook 

This gorgeous teacher appreciation notebook is the perfect way to show your gratitude to your child’s teachers and is a very practical gift they can use in or out of the classroom.

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2. How Teachers Sware Coloring Book

After a full day of running around with kids and teaching, even teachers need a bit of comic relief and this adult coloring book is the perfect remedy!

*no crude language used*

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3. Sticky Note & Page Marker Box Set

 This teacher appreciation sticky note box set is the perfect gift for teachers because it’s not only practical but it shows your child’s teachers just how much they mean to them.

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4. Personalized Notepad

If you want to take your teacher gift giving game up a notch, this adorable personalized notepad is sure to do the trick! Not only practical but the perfect gift for your child’s favorite teachers.

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5. Felt Letter Board

Letter boards are perfect for your favorite quote, a lesson of the day and inspiration which makes this gifts a super fun idea for teachers everywhere!

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6. Gift Cards 

When in doubt, go for gift cards! Seriously, who doesn’t love gift cards and you can buy them for pretty much anything. Here are a few favorites, Olive Garden, Amazon, Starbucks. Pretty much anything food and/or coffee related and you’re good!


Six of the Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers…that they actually want

I hope this made your holiday shopping just a lil’ less stressful this year and trust me, your child’s teachers are going to fall head over heels for any one of these gifts!

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