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13 4th of July Inspired DIY Decorations

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My all-time favorite thing to do as a kid was to lay on my back and “ooh and ahh” as I watched the fireworks.

Back then I was lucky enough to be able to climb out my bedroom window and watch them from the roof, which honestly sounds terrifying now!

Summertime was always my favorite time of year with backyard BBQs, family picnics, lazy days at the local swimming pool and of course, FIREWORKS!

The 4th of July is just around the corner and it’s time to spice up your home with some patriotic decor! The holidays are the perfect time to get together as a family and create something all your own.

4th of July Inspired DIY Decor

Today I’m bringing over 10 different DIY projects you can make for your very own home and spend some extra quality time with your friends and family!

All of these projects can be used in your home, at a BBQ, a picnic or even just sitting on your kitchen table!

1. 4th of July Wine Bottle Centerpiece

photo & tutorial credit:

This one’s pretty simple and super budget friendly! If you’ve got some wine bottles or mason jars laying around you can create this stunning, yet festive centerpiece perfect for the summer!

You can get really creative with this craft and turn your centerpiece into a real work of art or be as accurate as you’d like!

With a coat of varnish, you can keep this centerpiece for years to come because it’ll never fade and the paint won’t wash off!

Get the full tutorial here!

2. DIY Firecrackers

photo & tutorial credit: Emily Enchanted

This firecracker craft is sure to set your holiday festivities on FIRE!

These firecrackers are the epitome of the 4th of July and summer time! They’re also simple and fun to make!

All you need is some wood, paint, and creativity and you’ll have yourself a house full of firecrackers!

Get the full tutorial here!


3. Easy DIY 4th of July Planter

photo & tutorial credit: Thrifty Jinxy 

If you’ve got a green thumb, this DIY planter is the perfect way to display your festive flowers anywhere in your home or in your garden!

Grab your terra cotta pot, paints, and creativity!

Get the full tutorial here!


4. DIY Americana Garland

photo & tutorial credit:

Garlands are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your home for the upcoming festivities!

This DIY garland is perfect for above the mantel, at an outdoor picnic or even hanging up around your house! And the best part? There is no sewing required!

Get the full tutorial here!


5. DIY 4th of July Handprint Wreath

photo & tutorial credit:

Wreaths are not only for the cold winter holidays anymore, in fact, they make the perfect 4th of July decor and this wreath is perfect to do with the kids!

Grab your family and make some festive decor this 4th of July!

Get the full tutorial here!


6. Patriotic Paper Craft

photo & tutorial credit:

Paper is one of the most versatile mediums for crafts and it’s absolutely perfect for making extra festive centerpieces!

This adorable, simple and fun paper craft can be used as a centerpiece in your home, on a picnic or even at a backyard BBQ. The possibilities are endless!

Get the full tutorial here!


7. Patriotic Bandanna Wreath

photo & tutorial credit:

Do you remember the days of thinking you looked so cool wearing a bandana around your head…yeah me too…p.s I didn’t look as cool as I thought I did.

But bananas are not just for thinking you’re the, they are the perfect addition to your festive decor!

Turn a bunch of bananas into a stunning festive wreath perfect for the 4th of July for less than $7! You can’t beat that!

Get the full tutorial here!


 8. Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger

photo & tutorial credit:

The holidays are not only about spicing up the inside of your house but adding color and festive decor on the outside as well!

Door hangers are the perfect way to join in on the festivities and they’re super easy and fun to make!

This USA map wooden door hanger is the perfect addition to any home and will bring in that 4th of July spirit!

Grab the full tutorial here!

9. Red, Bright & Blue Patriotic Wreath

photo & tutorial credit:

Instead of eating cupcakes, you can turn them into a festive wreath for your door!

This super fun and festive wreath is perfect to create with family while the kids are on summer vacation! And it adds a 4th of July touch to your home!

Grab the full tutorial here!

10. Independence Day Farmhouse Garland

photo & tutorial credit:

Garlands are a super fun and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your home! They’re perfect for this time of year and are super easy to make!

Grab your old fabric and your family and get festive!

Grab the full tutorial here!


11.  Red White & Blue Sparkler Jar

photo & tutorial credit:

Instead of throwing away your old jars reuse them for this red, white & blue sparkler jar! All you need is some sand and an old jar and you can turn your backyard BBQ into the talk of the town!

Grab the full tutorial here!


12. Wine Cork American Flag

photo & tutorial credit:

I’m always looking for new ways to use old things or things we would normally toss away. Instead of throwing away old corks, keep them and turn them into something that is perfect for the holidays!

This cork American flag will add a fun festive feel to any home!

Get the full tutorial here!

13. DIY American Flat Mason Jars

photo and tutorial credit:

Mason jars are perfect for any holiday and can easily be turned into a fun and festive decoration for your backyard BBQ or picnic!

All you need is some old jars, spray paint and your creativity to make these American flag jars!

Get the full tutorial here!


There you have it! 13 different DIY 4th of July friendly decorations you can create with your family and friends!

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    All of these look easy enough for a quick craft! Thanks for the ideas. My favorite is the wine bottle centerpiece.

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      Thank you so much, Jillian!!

  2. Thanks for including my Patriotic Bandana Wreath in this list! What a great list! I shared it on Pinterest!

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