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10 Things You Need to Let Go Of in the New Year

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10 things you need to let go of in the New year. 

2020 is officially upon us and everyone and their mother is talking about everything they want to bring into their lives in the new year.

A new house, a new significant other, a new mindset, a new body. All the things.

We’re always talking about what we want and how we’re going to get it but we never talk about the things that we need to let go of.

Think about your space both physically and mentally like a cup filled with water.

You fill your cup with all the things you want, year after year. Eventually, the cup gets so full you either have to dump some water out or allow it to overflow into other people’s cups.

This isn’t an episode of Snapped so frankly, we don’t want all of our pent up stuff overflowing everywhere.

Not only that but there is also a Law of the Universe called The Law of Vaccum.

You must first create space for something new to come in.

How do you create space?

You declutter.


10 Things You Need to Let go of in the New Year

1. Old Habits

If you truly want to get different results than you’ve gotten in years past, you’re going to need to do different things.

This means, letting go of those old habits and replacing them with new ones.

It sounds simple right.

And yeah, it is actually pretty simple but this is where most people get tripped up because creating new habits is “hard” or at least that’s what we tell ourselves so we repeat the same habits over and over again which just creates the same results over and over again.

Take note of the habits you have that no longer serve you and your goals and begin creating new ones that align with what you want.

If you’re ready to make habits simple I can help. I offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help you not only identify and eliminate the old habits that are holding you back but also create new habits easily and quickly. Learn more about my coaching programs here.



2. Negative Friendships

Negative friendships or toxic people. We can spot them from a mile away and yet…it’s so hard to let them go.

Trust me, I’ve been in this boat so many times in my life I can’t even keep track.

I made excuses for their behavior. Said it was my fault, not theirs. I even created reasons why I should stay friends with them that made no sense at all.

Leaving friends behind is not an easy thing to do.

But it’s necessary if you want to make big leaps and bounds in the new year.

If you’re trying to be positive, focus on the good, manifest your best life and you’re surrounded by people who gossip, complain, pick fights or put you down, it’s going to a lot harder for you to get what you want.

Start by decluttering social media then start in your physical life.

It might be hard but it’s worth it.



3. Negative self-talk 

The words you say to yourself on a consistent basis are creating your beliefs and stories and these beliefs and stories are what shows up in your physical reality.

Self-talk can make or break your day.

If you are constantly putting yourself down and being mean to yourself, you’re not going to feel good which puts your focus on not feeling good which just creates more negative feelings and thoughts and around and around the cycle goes.

You have the power, every single second of every single day to decide what you say to yourself.

Choose something nice.



4. Self-Doubt

You have so much more potential than you think you do.

When you were a child you learned how to walk, tie your shoes, eat, dance, sing, play.

You had no idea how to do all those things but you tried anyway and you kept trying until you figured it out.

Self-doubt kills more dreams than anything else.

Don’t bring that into the new year and choose to at least try to see even a small glimpse o the potential you have running around inside of you.


5. The Past

It’s so easy to look at what happened last year and focus on what didn’t work. What you didn’t do. All the regrets you have. All the people who hurt you.

But guess what.

Unless you want to repeat the past, you’ve got to let it all go.

Seriously, embody your inner Elsa and let it go.

Holding onto old pain, hurt, sadness, regret is like holding onto a hot coal and expecting it to hurt the other person.

You’re only hurting yourself.

Focus on the new, focus on all the opportunities you get, focus on the lessons and leave the rest behind.

You can use a Hawaiian forgiveness meditation to fully release and forgive your past called, Ho’oponopono.

Write down all the hurt, pain, anger, and anything else you want to release from the past on a piece of paper and as you read the list say out loud, I’m sorry, Please Forgive me, thank you, I love you.

This is for you and not about other people.

You are forgiving yourself as well as giving yourself love in order to release.

And it works wonders!


6. Fear of Failure

Fear, in general, is one of those things that as humans we can’t necessarily get rid of altogether.

It’s also one of those things that comes in many different packages.

The fear of failure is one of the big ones. And it holds people back from showing up in a big way.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again, fear is a stepping stone on the road to success.

The more you “fail”, the faster you will succeed. 

It’s true.

And really, there is no such thing as failure. Everything you try gives you a result. That result is either the outcome you wanted or a lesson that needed to be learned.

The easiest way to eliminate the fear of failure is to change the meaning of it.

Look, if you want success in the new year in any area of your life, you’re going to have to overcome the fear of failing.



7. Physical Clutter

This is an easy one.

Clean up your home and the spaces that you spend the most time in.

Get rid of the old energies, toss out the trash, put away your holiday decorations and allow new, fresh energy to come into your home.

You can even sage if you want if you’re into that.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just clean up, release the old and allow the new in.



8. Mental Clutter

Similar to physical clutter, mental clutter is just as important to let go of.

Remember that water and cup analogy I used before?

You have to release what’s in your cup that doesn’t serve you so that you can fill up your cup with all the things you want in there.

Our brains take on millions of bits of information a day.

It’s like having a thousand tabs open on your computer. It’s slow, frustrating to get to anything and just downright confusing.

Close out the tabs, evaluate what you need to keep and what you can let go of and allow new higher energies and thoughts to come in.


9. Comfort Zone

Nothing good happens after 2 am and nothing new happens inside your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is just that, doing the same things day after day that you’re comfortable with.

You can be pushed out of your comfort zone by your circumstances but chances are after the dust settles you’ll go right back into it.

This is why when people win the lottery they’re broke within a year.

Because they didn’t choose to leave their comfort zone, they were pushed out. And without that awareness, you will go right back in.

Your comfort zone is also ruled by your ego and your ego takes it’s job very seriously. But you can read more about your ego here.

Changing and expanding your comfort zone comes down to your habits.

Do something you’ve never done before.

Go somewhere you’ve never been.

Do something that scares you!


10. Other People’s Beliefs and Stories

How many times have you heard someone say smoking is bad?

Or that fat is what makes you gain weight.

Or money is the root of all evil and rich people are horrible people.

Maybe you believed all of these stories without a second thought. Maybe you did the research yourself and came to your own conclusion.

But here’s the thing, every day from the time you were born to you reading this you’ve been bombarded with other people’s stories, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

As a child, you didn’t have the ability to think critically and decide for yourself if you wanted to believe those stories or not but as an adult you do.

And this means we are all walking around with other people’s stories about the world and how it works.

Take a look at the stories that you think and say on a daily basis.

Are they your own?

Or are they someone else’s like your parents or friends?

Let go of the stories that aren’t your own and create new stories that fit the life you want to live.


Declutter Everything

Decluttering in the new year is one of the easiest ways to allow new things to come into your life. It gives you a fresh perspective and allows you to get back into the driver’s seat of your life.

When in doubt, clean it all out.

Chances are, you’re holding onto a lot of things that don’t serve you physically and mentally.

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